A contract between a wife and her cuckold husband

T IS AGREED, on this the _______ day, of the month of _______________, in the year ____ and between the couple known as ___________________________________, henceforth referred to as Wife and her present husband _____________________________, henceforth referred to as the Husband and ____________________ henceforth known as Master, Black Lover or Black Bull:

Tthe Husband knowingly and willingly agrees to surrender all control to Wife in their sexual relationship and agrees to support her actions with other men whom she may choose, for both of their enjoyments, but particularly for her sexual pleasure and fulfillment.

Husband agrees to enthusiastically serve her and her lovers in any manner, fashion, desire and or request that she may suggest. In addition, Husband surrenders his role as 'Head of the house' in the traditional sense and instead agrees to function as a submissive supporter of Wife in her search for sexual variety, satisfaction and fulfillment. In such a position he agrees to be used as her servant and for her amusement.

Wife will determine when Husband has sex, if he has sex, and in what manner either by masturbation, with Her or another woman or another man. Wife may determine husband is not permitted to have sex at all and if he should disobey her and secretly masturbate he may be subjected to any manner or procedure to ensure that he does not disobey her in this manner again.

By signing this contract, Wife and husband acknowledge that husband is inferior to wife and incapable of satisfying her sexual desires and that his role in their relationship while not necessarily that of a 'slave' is that of a servant. He agrees to obey her in every aspect of their relationship. For example, should Wife determine that husband is boring and useless she may decide not to have sex with him and she may, at her discretion, have him fitted for a chastity device.

The Wife and husband further acknowledge that the term "Wife ", for the purposes of this contract, does not indicate, or signify, prostitution in any form, and that the term "husband or Black Lover or Black Bull", for the purposes of this contract, doesn't indicate, or signify, ownership of an enslaved or indentured individual' (the husband) although that may be the practical result of this agreement.

Furthermore, by signing this contract, the Wife acknowledges that her personal beliefs are such that She believes other man to be sexually superior to husband and that She, as a woman, is entitled to have relationships with these men to engage in and receive sexual pleasure(s) and fulfillment within such relationships. As a result, the Wife acknowledges she desires to engage in such relationships.

Consequently, husband agrees to support and facilitate Wife in Her pursuit of sexual pleasure(s) and Her fulfillment in these affairs. He willingly agrees not to interfere or prevent Wife from enjoying other men in these situations. Husband will assist Wife and will enthusiastically support Wife and be Her servant in order to facilitate any desired conditions of sexual pleasure the Wife may specify.

In consideration of Her wishes and interests and commitment in this sexual arrangement husband agrees to abide by all the tenets and conditions outlined within this contract and acknowledges his inferiority to other males as sexual partners and he willingly agrees to be used as her servant to Her and her 'playmates' as more clearly detailed in this agreement.

TERM. The Wife acknowledges that the duration of this contract shall be from the date of signing this agreement until such time as She may choose to terminate it. Termination of this contract is not an option that the husband may exercise as he has voluntarily and of his own free will given to Wife authority and control of their sexual relationship which includes Her right to engage in sex with other men or women on a continual and permanent basis.

OBLIGATIONS. The Wife fully acknowledges that she is no longer obligated to husband in any way. She is free to engage in the following regarding Her appearance, behavior, and demeanor whenever She is in the presence of other men. Husband encouraged Wife almost since the time of their marriage to engage in sexual behavior with other men. Wife continuously refused and remained faithful to husband. One evening while at a club where they were members Wife experienced sex with another man and discovered She enjoyed it better than with husband. She was surprised that the sexual union she'd experienced was so much better than what she enjoyed with her husband. Husband was pleased Wife had taken a positive step toward exploring Her sexuality and Wife immediately determined to explore her sexuality 'a little further'. Wife invited a black friend of the couple over to their house late one evening and graciously permitted husband to watch Her enjoy sex with their friend for the remainder of the evening and she even allowed husband to pleasure himself while he watched them. Wife so enjoyed Her sexual relationship with Her black lover that she invited Her black lover back the following evening so she could enjoy him further. This agreement has been written following the latest 'adventure' of Wife and husband.

i. The Wife will be dominant in their marital relationship and husband will be submissive, meek, and passive towards her (at all times) along with any other man and or woman with whom Wife is engaged and in any and all circumstances.

ii. The husband will respectfully and humbly address any and all men as "Sir" and any and all women as "Ma'am", or any other title that Wife deems necessary or appropriate, at all times and in all circumstances.

iii. The Wife may direct husband to facilitate Her sexual explorations as She deems to be appropriate. Husband will not make a demand upon Wife for sexual favors more than once per month.

iv. The Wife may actively and enthusiastically engage in sexual intercourse with other men and there are no prohibitions placed upon her as to how or when she may do so.

v. The Wife may actively and enthusiastically engage in fellatio without the use of condoms, and receive either oral or facial ejaculation, without hesitation or trepidation, as She may desire. Wife may direct husband to perform fellatio upon her lovers and receive oral or facial ejaculation, as well.

vi. The Wife may actively and enthusiastically engage in anal sex with men, without the use of condoms, and receive internal ejaculation, without hesitation or trepidation.

vii. The Wife may actively and enthusiastically perform cunnilingus on other females, without hesitation or trepidation and she may order husband to do so, as well.

viii. The Wife may actively and enthusiastically engage in performing sex acts with beasts, without hesitation or trepidation and she may order her husband to do so as well. For example, She may order husband to perform oral sex upon a dog or other animal and then view the animal mounting her husband her amusement.

ix. The Wife may actively and enthusiastically engage in performing sex acts by using dildos, rubber cocks and other adult toys and play with herself to facilitate her satisfaction including fucking husband with strap-ons her amusement and his humiliation or sexual release.

x. The husband will enthusiastically swallow his semen along with seminal fluids deposited in his mouth from other men.

xi. The husband will enthusiastically consume all seminal fluids deposited from other men upon any inanimate objects, or within Wife's vagina or mouth unless instructed not to do so by Wife.

xii. The husband will enthusiastically receive any inanimate object commonly referred to as a "sex toy" in his anus or mouth when instructed by Wife.

xiii. The Wife will determine what clothing she will wear or not wear in any given situation and determine what make-up She may consider appropriate.

xiv. The husband will never, under any circumstances or for any reason, wear any clothing inside their house in order to permit wife to view his state of sexual arousal.

xv. The husband will never, under any circumstances or for any reason behave inappropriately to wife in public and will follow her when walking in public at a respectable distance as determined by Wife.

xvi. The Wife will never, under any circumstances or for any reason, wear a dress or skirt in public with a hemline lower than mid-thigh, unless circumstances dictate.

xvii. The Wife will always have her makeup and hair styled in a fashion that will result in her appearance being that of a person considered by the general public to be cheap, trashy, or sleazy, unless specifically ordered not to do so by her Master.

xviii. The Wife will always have the area of her vagina made up of the labia and clitoris, completely shaven and hairless, and the area of her vagina known as the pubis mound styled, trimmed, or shaved in a fashion to her Master's discretion, at all times and in all circumstances, unless specifically ordered not to do so by her master.

xix. Husband may on occasion wear a dog collar and be led around on all fours on a leash by Wife at her discretion for amusement when in doors.

xx. The Wife may regard herself and her body as a physical object, with all rights, independence, opinions, or convictions. Husband will consider himself to be a piece of material property that is a possession of Wife at all times and in all circumstances.

xxi. The husband will graciously and sincerely thank Wife for granting him honor and privilege of serving her and her Black Bull or her sexual lovers, both male and female.

xxii. The Wife may do anything she desires not listed within this document, if she so decides. She may wish to do so for the purpose of her sexual pleasure and amusement, at all times and in all circumstances.

MATERNAL CONCESSION; The husband acknowledges that since he has agreed to regard his physical body as material property owned by Wife and he agrees that he has conceded all rights to Wife as her former husband and he has given Her willingly to Master, Black Bull, Lover and other men and women. While couple has no children Wife may consequently realizes that Her position within Her family as a wife and companion takes second place within their new relationship.

DOCUMENTATION; The husband further acknowledges that Wife and her lovers and playmates whom he has given her to, posses the exclusive right to photograph, videotape, record, and/or document husband in any manner they may choose, and in any situation they choose.

Furthermore, the husband hereby releases all rights, financial, proprietary, or otherwise, to all photographs, videotapes, movies, audio-recordings, computer media recordings, or any other form of documentation used to record or chronicle husband during the duration of this contract and for a period of no less than five (5) years after contract is terminated.

The husband therefore acknowledges that he has allowed Wife to explore Her sexuality and that She has exclusive rights to any and all photographs, videotapes, movies, audio-recordings, computer media recordings, or any other documentation of their electronic reproductions.

CONTRACTUAL POSSESSION; Husband acknowledges that his legal obligation is to the contract itself and to Wife and any man or woman who may be of current interest to Wife.

DISSOLUTION; Husband further agrees that all sexual rights which he at one time possessed are dissolved. Husband surrenders any vested interest in Wife to Master along with other men and women (Her lovers) and he will no longer be permitted to masturbate in any fashion or at any time without her express approval.

The husband agrees to a penalty, as determined by Wife, if he fails to meet the terms and conditions of this agreement and there will be no limits upon such a penalty or punishment which she may impose including that he may be used 'as a woman' by her male lovers.

I, ________________________________________, being of sound mind and of legal age to enter into a legally binding contract, do hereby proclaim that I have read and understand this contract in its entirety, and that I agree to abide by and comply with all the tenets, conditions, and provisions contained within.

I further acknowledge that I believe, with no uncertainty or doubt, that I being a white woman that black men are biologically superior to white men (including my husband) and that I, as a wife and a white woman, am biologically predetermined and conditioned to be used by such men in order to realize sexual fulfillment and physical pleasure (sexual enjoyment) and entertainment. Further, husband admits he is physically incapable of providing me with these pleasures. While we did not anticipate this circumstance during our dating, engagement and early marital years; we now have agreed to a new relationship and 'husband serves me more as a servant than a husband'.

We therefore agree to this contract in its entirety and agree to take full responsibility and to be held fully accountable for any and all penalties outlined within should either partner violate this contract in any manner, having agreed to this without reservation, and having signed under my own free will and without any duress.

Given by His Wife ____________________________________________ Dated__________________

Signature of agreement of the husband
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