The first meeting of Mistress P and James

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I hope you enjoy the read. I'd like to give credit with help on the editing from Mistress Joys. Thank you for the help and suggestions.

Part #1: The Meeting

Looking back, it all started when I joined the Academy. I was assigned to Mistress P to start my training, mostly writing assignments revealing my secret fantasies. It was Thursday night when I received a very special message.

"Guess what my tease toy!" it read. I'm coming to Toronto this weekend and I need someone to show me the town and entertain me. I bet you can't guess whom I've chosen? That right James, you're going to pick me up the airport at 7pm Gate #2.

"Make sure you're clean-shaven and James, make sure your wearing your cock and ball harness for me. Dress casual. I want you to wear a buttoned shirt and white buttoned shorts, no underwear or socks. Finally but most importantly keep your hands and anything else away from my cock. Understand? Confirm your understanding immediately."

I replied immediately "I'll see you at 7, gate # 2 I will follow all your directions to the letter Mistress P!"

I can't believe it. I'm on my way to meet the most amazing Mistress. Just from my tasks, all I do is dream of serving her. I arrived early, excited, well maybe more than excited, nervous yes, very nervous but I was hard. The harness was having its effect. I tried to calm myself, butterflies now fluttering in my stomach.

The moment arrived when I finally saw her walking towards me. She was breath taking! I hurried over to greet her. "Hi Miss P How was your flight! Please let me carry your carry-on bag. "

"Thank you James you're a good boy! "

And then that smile I almost dropped on the spot! It told me right away who was in charge! That's when I noticed her eyes checking me out! My face must have turned crimson. I guess this is how women feel, I thought to myself, like a sex object. I started to get very hard.

She moved her hand to my crotch and gave me a firm squeeze. "Kiss Me James," she said, pulling me closer. She kissed me and that's when I felt and heard my buttons being undone. Her hand sliding in and feeling my now stiff aching cock. It had been 2 weeks of edging multiple times a day that helped me respond so quickly. Mistress P's training must have been all planned I thought. In an airport, my pants undone and horny like a dog in extreme heat what am I doing! I've never done anything like this before.

"Settle down boy" she laughed playfully as she continued to tease her toy.

She had me hold still as I felt something slip around my erect cock. Then I felt her attach something to the harness. I heard the chain as it dangled. My face turned beat red, "Oh My God! It's a cock leash?"

"Be a dear, James, and do up your buttons before people notice," she laughed. "Now lets get over to the hotel. I need to freshen up."

I then felt the ring around my hard cock start to vibrate. I moaned, and then I felt the tug. My mind was in a state of erotic lust.

"Where is your car parked boy?" she said as I felt a hand gently cup my cock and balls.

I must have told her but I honestly don't remember. I felt the tug again. It was a short leash so I had to stay to her right, a half step back as she led me to the car. Every so often, she would pull it a bit tighter so that I was right up against her ass as we walked.

"Oh no I'm hard," I thought.

I then realized my shorts were wet and a small spot was beginning to grow on my pants. I tried to cover it up but Mistress would have nothing to do with it and reminded me that I was not to touch her cock.

I truly felt submissive. I was embarrassed, being pulled on a cock leash attached to a harness, a vibrating cock ring humming away on my magic flute. God I had never been so turned on in my life. I was edging! I was about to cum again in my shorts. When the vibration suddenly stopped.

She turned towards me grabbed my balls through my pants and said "Don't you dare cum my pet. I want those ripe little plums to be begging for release by the end of the weekend."

I throbbed!

Part #2 The Bath

We arrived at my house. The drive over was insane, the ring vibrating on and off the tugging of the leash, a constant reminder who was in control. It was hard concentrating on the road, with her sitting beside me, pulling her dress up to just below her pussy and unbuttoning her blouse so that I could see her ample bosom.

"I will not repeat my order pet", you tugged hard once on the leash and then gave my balls just more than a firm squeeze."

Oh my god, I had thought to myself. Well as I was saying we arrived and you wanted to freshen up from the trip.

I was lead to the powder room, a fairly large room with a shower stall, sink and toilet, a chair and make up table with a full-length mirror.

I was told to immediately kneel. "You will automatically assume that position whenever we are together unless I instruct you otherwise," she said, smiling as I dropped down before her.

"Undress James, while you're in the house you remain nude at all times unless I otherwise order. At no time are you to touch my cock! Is that understood?"

"Yes Mistress I do," I replied.

"While in the house you will only answer with a bark. Yes my pet one bark for yes two for no understand?"

" Ruff! "

"Now in the tub on all fours!" she commanded.

I blushed as I got in position in the tub. The spray nozzle began to soak me with nice warm water it felt so good, but I still remained very erect. Here I am on all fours, in a tub being washed like a dog, barking to answer Goddess. it was so humiliating but my aching need hadn't subsided in the least. The fact you remained dressed was an extreme turn on! CFNM had always been one of my greatest fantasies.

I saw you put on long rubber gloves and began to apply cream everywhere.

"Now stay still pet I'll be back in ten minutes."

I could feel a tingling all over my body, which increased in intensity with time. It was the longest 10 minutes I've ever experienced. Wondering what you were planning, thinking, oh my God, I was getting harder!

When she arrived, after the time passed, she had me sit back on my heels with my legs parted. I felt the blast of cold water and I jerked but her hand firmly held me by my balls so my movement was quickly limited. I experience one of those mind numbing brain rushes. My first thought being could I survive the weekend, then I felt her hand again giving me a squeeze bringing me back to reality! I took a second, after seeing a lusty kind of wicked smile, to realize what was happening.

My hair was all Oh my God, Oh no I thought. This is so humiliating I'm going to look like a boy not a man! God the water felt so different warmer this time, relaxing. Her rubber clad hands washed off all the hair, teasingly; so much teasing I was aching. How am I going to handle this? I'm primed. I'm ready. I'm so close but she always knew when to stop! I felt her hand run down my back and over my buns, the other hand just held onto the shaft. Oh my, I felt it the rubber-covered finger poking at my bottom.

She ordered me out of the tub and to lie on my back on the bathroom floor without drying off. She stood right over me and ran her bare foot up and down my body before telling me to lick the wetness from the soles of her feet and her toes.

"Adorable all clean and smooth" she smiled, as she squatted just over my face, her hands running up and down my chest as her pussy was just inches from my lips.

She told me to turn over on my stomach and kiss and lick her feet. My ass tightened to fend off the probing digit that was next to come.

She next had me get up on all fours. She patted my head like I was a dog. I couldn't help but get harder as I felt her hand run down my body and begin to tickle my balls.

What's that I see? Is it winking at me, you naughty boy! Stay still." she said, taking a firmer grip on my shaft.

I relaxed and she slipped in the full length of her finger. I took a deep intake of breath as she thrust forward her gloved hand sliding down my shaft causing me to sound like I was snorting like a pig. I just about died when I heard the sound emit from my mouth. I couldn't look but when I heard the words I knew two things; she knew I liked it and she had heard the sound.

"Oh wee wee, what do we have here, a squealing little piggy. A piggy that likes to be poked! Squeal for me Piggy" as she thrust here finger in and out wiggling it making me squeal and grunt. She loosened her grip a but while I trashed around like a pig in the mud. "You squeal so much you sound like a pig in mating season. Are you a queer little piggy?"

I almost passed out but all I did was make that humiliating sound. My head fell and my ass raised, open and exposed and I felt a second rubbery finger slip right in. I was in a lustful insane predicament, Then, it stopped both fingers pulled out and her grip released my throbbing, steel cock. I still thrust a couple times in bliss my body searching for the fingers that played on my body like a puppet. A blast of cold water from the sprayer blasted me while she was holding my balls and squeezing harder.

"My, my, my, the little plums are growing, almost ripe enough for pruning, my little piggy! Squeal for me piggy "as she squeezed harder. I almost fainted. In a lust filled haze, humiliated beyond belief and hornier than I had ever thought possible to achieve. What would I endure for Mistress P? OMG, my cock said it all as it throbbed and started to get erect and my butthole winked!

Part #3 Givin the Dog the Bone

I awoke a short time later and I opened my eyes to a vision of rare natural beauty. Mistress P was standing over me, her incredible blue eyes gazing upon me.

Well i see you have awakened my little squealer! My cock started to rise. She knew exactly what got me hot. Talking dirty was one of them. It was only a moment before I realized I was bound in some sort of weird X shaped table.

"So my tease toy I see your anxious to start" she said with a smile as she played and fondled with my cock till it was standing up and trying to release.

Mistress P whisked her head to one side her erotic reddish hair shone in the light as she laughed! My cock throbbed for her touch! "Does my little pet need a cummie "she asked?

"Oh Please Mistress" I pleaded, begging. "I'll do anything please its been a week since I came Mistress."

"Continue, my pet," she said with a giggle. "Your begging pleases me. There is no nicer music than to hear a man beg to please, serve and amuse me."

Her program at the academy was extreme the constant edging and denial had me hoping mad with lust filled fantasies of this weekend.

"Now I'm going to let you up pet," while she gently kissed me on my cheek. "But you better not touch my cock or you will regret the day you were born!

She untied the ropes holding me so I could get up. "Now turn around I want to see that cute ass of yours."

I was slow to raise my arms above my head as she ordered so she grabbed my balls and squeezed. The next thing I felt was a collar with rings on it around my neck. It was quickly followed by wrist cuffs and chains to the collars and cuffs.

I was then attached to a chain hanging from the ceiling.

"Now I need you to learn that when I give an order it is to be followed immediately with no hesitation," she said as she pinched my nipples and then trailed her nails down my body to, again, squeeze my balls.

Then she walked over with a very scary brush I knew right away what was going to happen. I trembled at the thought. My bum cheeks clenched tight in anticipation but nothing happened. Wow I thought to myself maybe Mistress isn't going to punish me like I thought. I relaxed my buns. Then WHACK the sting of the bristles caused me to jolt forward like a jig dance.

The pain ran through my entire being. Oh God it hurt so badly! Then I felt it again on the other check and again and again with lightening speed the swats of the brush repeated. The stinging bristles had me doing a dance trying to avoid the blows to no avail. It stung like hell but the thing of it was I was still totally erect and worse I was starting to precum. "Oh no please this can't be happening," I thought.

"I know you love this," she said with a laugh." I want to see you smiling and laughing too. I want you to thank me for the spanking you deserve."

I'm not into pain but the control Mistress exerted and her absolutely beautiful face in her own erotic bliss kept me totally excited. Several swats later it stopped, a tear forming in my eye as I begged forgiveness.

"Now, now pet," she said rubbing my red-hot bottom. Mistress P ran her hands down my legs and attached my ankles to the cuffs attached the floor, my legs parted, so exposed. Mistress P then moved behind me and i felt something cool and wet dabbing at my little tight opening. I moaned. God it just slipped out. Mistress is going to think I'm an anal slut. Then I saw her come around from behind but not with a brush but a wooden spoon. Her hand stroked my cock till I was on the edge holding it up to expose my full ripe balls that were in desperate need to cum.

"Close your eyes pet," she said while toying with the very tip of my cock. I immediately complied. Swish the spoon hit my left testicle. I let out a mind-chilling scream but before I had time to think it happened again to the right.

I ached and thought I'd go soft from the pain but the stroking kept me hard! Mistress unhooked me from the ceiling and I fell to my knees. Mistress P attached the leash and pulled me along so she could sit on the reclining chair. Next I knew I was kneeling between her legs as she spread them apart.

"Pet I'm hot now. Lick my pussy for me," she said as she pulled the leash so my head was between her thighs. I kissed up her thighs as she leaned back, her scent intoxicating; I made love to her thighs sucking and gently kissing up her thighs. I could hear her moan softly as I gently kissed her beautiful pussy lips through her panties. I was in heaven going down! It's an extreme turn on for me to pleasure a woman and I may be submissive but I am a master of this art. Gently teasing kisses a light lick here and there. My tongue poking at the panties blocking the amazing treasure between her legs. The smell, the taste god it was amazing. I could hear her moaning as my skilled tongue dance to the rhythm of lust on her now wet panties. God panties are so sexy. My fetish for them started at such a young age when I was at friends and we were going swimming. My friends' older sister had left her bathing suit in the change hut and I can't believe it but I sniffed and tasted the crotch area among other things but that's another story. I so wanted to make my Mistress cum in my mouth. I craved her sweet nectar. Her moans making me throb, her foot moved to my cock encouraging me to work harder.

Then when I thought I had her right on the edge she pulled the leash up. I couldn't believe her will power.

She suddenly rose up and said "very good pet but i have something else I want to try. She tied my hands to the arm chair my bottom sticking out and up, my cock hard and throbbing. I turned my head wondering what Mistress P was doing. As I turned I saw her staring at my exposed ring nestled between my cheeks. I saw her with that new strap on dual ended and vibrating type. She turned it oh God I could hear it.

That when she said what an adorable bottom I had and all I need now to enhance it was a sexy pair of panties.

"Oh, no," I thought. How much can a man endure? She placed the big head of her cock and teased my ass with it.

"Are you ready, slut? With that she thrust it in me with one slow stroke. It was then that I truly knew what it was like to be a bitch.

"Oh, thank you," I moaned. "Thank you for making me your bitch,"
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