A cuckold fantasy comes trueand then some

It was 11 o'clock on Friday evening, he was dozing on the sofa...half watching tv, half thinking about what might happen the following night when His phone beeped...a message...from Miss...

"Put the key in the usual place, strip and put on your whore panties and your cuffs. Get a kitchen chair and have it in the doorway facing the living room. Sit on it, attach your ankle cuffs to the legs, put on the hood and wait. Do you understand whore?"

"Yes Miss x"

His stomach flipped...they were due to play the next night, tonight she was out with friends. He hurried about his tasks, his cock thick and hard in anticipation. In position he waits...it seems like ages, but is perhaps 10 minutes until he hears the key. She says nothing, but he hears her walking over and then feels her pull his arms back attach the wrist cuffs together...and then tightly bind his arms to the chair back. His cock jerks, getting even harder.

"So whore...surprised to see me...except of course you can't see, hah! I've been out...playing...I found a nice big cock to use me...hmm, longer and thicker than you whore...he took me outside and fucked me against the wall..."

As she spoke she played with whore...dragging her nails down his straining cock, pulling his nipples, biting his neck so he could smell her...

"He was a great fuck...and great with his mouth too...I have marks and bites on my neck, my shoulders...and Jesus could he kiss...I was so wet whore, can you imagine that...my knickers are soaked...as you're about to find out..."

She lifted the hood so that his mouth was exposed and pushed her soaking knickers into his mouth...he grunted, feeling how wet they were and tasting her arousal, images in his head of her being fucked with brutal passion against the wall of a nightclub. The hood was pulled down again and she continued...

"In fact he was so good, I decided that I had to have more...you don't mind do you whore? I need a lot more of that cock...and you're going to watch me get it...is that ok with you whore?"

The jerk of his cock told her all she needed to know, it was like a steel bar and it jerked again when the doorbell rang...his doorbell...he was going to watch Miss get a proper fucking on his living room floor...he groaned, feeling sick to the pit of his stomach...and more turned on than he'd ever been in his life...

He heard low voices, but couldn't make out the words and then there was a snip and then another...she had cut a whole in the hood for each eye...

"We don't want you to miss the show do we whore? And it will be quite a show...look at my stud...he's going to fuck me into the middle of next week and back again...and you're going to sit there in your red whore panties watching him do it...pathetic aren't you?"

He found himself nodding, unable to stop and she squeezed his cock painfully tight as she finished talking. She turned to her lover and they were immediately all over each other...mouths joined, hands grabbing, scratching, almost ripping the clothes from the others body. And then we was inside her, whore caught sight of his cock...Christ it was big, but it slid in easily...filling her...he was standing, her legs were wrapped around him and he held her up with his hands on her arse...his fingers probing her. She was impaled, biting at his neck and shoulders...moaning uncontrollably...the first cum starting to rip through her...

The next hour was a blur, he fucked her in every conceivable way and in some ways that whore hadn't conceived. At one stage she was cumming almost continuously...how could he keep this up, but somehow he did...she liked it hard and he was taking her places she had never been. Finally with Miss in her favourite doggy position he came for the first time...loudly, pumping into her for what seemed like an eternity while gripping her neck and head and forcing her face into the cushion...his cushion.

For a few minutes there was nothing...she needed to recover...she had never been used so thoroughly, filled so completely...she had one thought, I must have more...

"Did you enjoy that whore? I certainly did...and judging by the state of your pathetic cock you did too...I can't believe that I used to think that thing was big...hah! Now I need more...and I think with a little encouragement stud can give it to me...you want that don't you whore?"

He nods...he can't help himself...her nails on his tormented cock...if she held it he knew he'd explode...so did she...so she didn't...

"So whore, are you going to make that stud cock hard for me...if you do you get to cum, eventually, if not I'll leave you like this overnight and come back in the morning to free you...after a night of being fucked. Do you understand your choice whore?"

He nodded again...they both knew the answer. She lifted the hood and removed the gag, he worked his jaw...it was going to need to be loose. She led the stud over, by his cock...it was soft, but certainly not small...and placed it in whores mouth.

"Open wide whore...and make me proud...Miss needs more fucking...earn your cum by making this stud cock hard for me"

And he did, slowly at first and then eagerly...tasting her on this cock...a cock that incredibly was already starting to swell...taking pride in his task...using his tongue...sucking it deep...it filled and stretched his mouth.

"Well done whore, you are pleasing me...just a little more...I need to make sure my arse is properly wet so that I can take that amazing cock in it...it will make me scream, but I have to have it..."

And then she did...both have it and scream...he tried to be gentle, but they both soon realised that wasn't going to happen...words starting tumbling from her mouth...harder, fuck me hard, use my arse, ruin me...she was tight so it couldn't last long, even though he had cum already...her hand reached back and found her clit and they both started to cum at the same time...her biting his arm to stop from screaming, he biting her shoulder to stop from shouting. They collapsed...finally satiated.

She went to whore...scooping cum from her cunt...using it to coat whores aching cock.

"I'm going to hold your cock whore...I'm too tired to do any work...fuck my fist...you have one minute in which to cum..."

Stud stopped dressing and watched as whore frantically started to buck against her fist, the chair moved as he fought for the combination of friction and motion he craved.

"30 seconds..."

He became more frantic, he had to cum...

"15 seconds..."

Close, I'm close...

"5 seconds..."

And then he was there...cum exploded from his cock, spraying everywhere...he continued to thrust against her hand, milking himself until every last drop was spent...he slumped back in the chair...he'd never felt anything like that in his life.

She wiped her cum covered hand across his mouth and turned to stud who was now dressed and ready to go. She led him to the door...they kissed and there was a whispered conversation...he was doing most of the talking...she looked at him and nodded. She closed the door and walked back to whore...

"Well whore, I imagine you want to know what we were just saying...what I was agreeing to? Well the truth is I need more of that cock...and I'll do pretty much anything to get it. Luckily stud is happy for me to have it, but only after he's tied me to a hook in his ceiling and beaten me back and front with his suede flogger and then with his belt. As you can imagine I didn't need to think twice about that...talk about win win whore...hah. So tomorrow afternoon before I come to use you as previously planned I will be whipped and fucked...you will have your phone on and will hear every bit of it...I can only imagine what that will do to you! Oh and one more thing..."

She went to her bag and took something out...he couldn't see what it was, but soon realised as she starting attaching it to his deflated cock.

"This is a CB-6000...you'll be able to pee and clean, but nothing more. If you get hard the studs inside will make you very uncomfortable...I'm expecting you will be very hard tomorrow afternoon whore and very uncomfortable. I have the key..."

The padlock was attached and his cock was secured...hers to unlock when and if she wanted it. She held his stare, until he nodded and broke eye contact...beaten, totally submissive and with a cock that was starting to harden. She dressed quickly, unlocked his wrist cuffs and went to the door.

"See you tomorrow whore and remember to keep your phone close"

And then her final words, words that would be in his head continuously for the next 24 hours at least...

"I did warn you whore...you should always be careful what you wish for!"

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