Adam endures his first day at slave school

Mistress Kathy's Academy of Domination and Submission

Chapter 2

Helga led Adam by a leash down a long hallway.

"New slaves are usually confused at this point in their processing," she explained. "That's normal. If you have a question, you may ask it now."

"I thought Monica and I would be training together," said Adam.

"That wasn't a question. Your file didn't say you were stupid, so I assume that was deliberate disobedience." She swatted the backs of his thighs with her crop, causing him to yelp involuntarily.

"The first phase of training requires mistresses and slaves to train separately," she explained. "This is necessary because new mistresses are excessively tolerant with subs they already know. They find it easier to apply discipline to a pliable and experienced stranger. It also gives the slaves an opportunity to learn what kinds of duties will be expected of them before they have to perform them for their mistresses."

"How long is this phase going to last?"

"Any specific information about the upcoming schedule is privileged."


"Withholding information is satisfying," she explained with a smile. "Enjoy the suspense."

She led Adam to what appeared to be a loading area where subs in vinyl bikinis were opening boxes filled with bondage supplies. A young domme in office attire was carrying a clipboard, and although she couldn't have been more than nineteen, she appeared to be in charge.

"A man?" she asked when she saw Adam. "We have no room in the male dorms right now."

"Then I'm sure he won't mind staying in the women's dorm," said Helga.

"That's irregular," said the Clipboard Girl. "Does Mistress Kathy know?"

"Yes, and she approves."

"If you say so." The girl turned to Adam. She was strangely intimidating despite being at least a foot shorter than he was. "My girls are going to get you ready for your trip to the slave compound. While they're doing that, I need to verify some information from your questionnaire. Are you currently taking any medications?"

A bikini-clad sub wheeled out a padded upright dolly while another sub carrying a variety of belts and restraints assisted her in attaching Adam to the device. Apparently, this was the preferred method for transporting new arrivals.

"No, I'm not taking any medications," said Adam. The girl checked the box on her clipboard that indicated NO MEDICATIONS.

"Any allergies?"

"No," said Adam. She checked the box that indicated NO ALLERGIES.

"Do you have a tendency to drool?"

"What?" asked Adam. "No, I'm not a drooler." She checked the box that indicated NOT A DROOLER.

"Do you have any phobias?"

"No," said Adam.

"That's not true," said the girl. "We know you have a fear of heights." She checked the box that indicated LIAR.

"Wait, how do you know about that? That wasn't on the questionnaire."

"Not on yours," she explained. "Slaves are reluctant to volunteer such intimate details about themselves, so the mistresses' questionnaires are more comprehensive. Do you find me attractive?"

The abruptness of the question startled him. "Um, yeah. Yeah, I suppose."

She checked the box that indicated HORNY. "Are you scared?"

Adam hesitated. "Yes," he admitted.

She checked the box that indicated SCARED. "Have you ever worn a buttplug?"

"No," he said.

"Do you want to?"

"God, no."

She checked the box that indicated AVERSE TO BUTTPLUGS, and in the notes section, wrote "possible homophobe."

The questions continued in this manner for some time. Many questions concerned details he was sure Monica couldn't have told them, yet he had no way of knowing what information his mistress had provided. And all the while, the bikini-clad subs were methodically securing him hand-and-foot to the dolly and layering him with straps to keep his weight from shifting during transport.

The girl finally set down her clipboard. She took the ball gag which had been hanging around his neck and held it up to his mouth.

"Open," she said.

"Mistress Kathy said I wouldn't be gagged for this trip."

"That was before we knew you were a liar. Open."

Reluctantly he opened his mouth. The gag was inserted, and the straps were quickly tied—much more tightly than Mistress Helga had done. Then she picked up her clipboard and inspected each belt, cuff and restraint. She inserted a pair of fingers into his leather cuffs to check for tension and—unsatisfied--tightened them some more. On her clipboard, she checked the boxes that indicated COLLAR, MITTENS, WRIST CUFFS, ANKLE CUFFS, ANKLE STRAP, KNEE STRAP, THIGH STRAP, WAIST STRAP, CHEST STRAP, NECK STRAP, and BALL GAG.

"Comfortable?" she asked.

Adam wanted to say that his gag was too tight, but it was all he could manage just to shake his head a little bit. She checked the box that indicated UNCOMFORTABLE.

"He's ready. Hold him for me."

One of the subs tilted the dolly back until he was at eye level with the small girl. She placed one hand on his shoulder and the other on his crotch before wrapping her lips around his gagged mouth for a slow, messy kiss.

She stopped for air, smiled at him and whispered, "Welcome to the Academy."

"I'll take the cargo from here," said Helga, clearly annoyed by the attention the girl was giving him. Helga took the dolly from the subs and wheeled him outside.

"You'd better be careful with him," warned the Clipboard Girl as they left. "Remember he's a horny liar."

A limousine was waiting for them. He wondered how he was going to fit inside in his current state, but Helga calmly wheeled him to the rear, tilted him to a nearly horizontal position, and hooked the top of his dolly to a trailer hitch on the rear of the vehicle.

In that manner, he was towed to the slave compound. During the twenty-minute trip, he kept his eyes riveted on the sky which made it easier not to think about the horror he was enduring. The road was paved and had few bumps, but the journey was nonetheless terrifying.

Adam had imagined the slave compound would be a dungeon in some kind of bunker, so he was almost relieved to find it was actually a modest row of dormitories on the Academy's south campus. The high barbed-wire fence that surrounded the campus was the only obvious reminder of what the place really was.

The compound was designated a "restraint-optional" zone, meaning the staff mistresses had discretion on whether (or how much) to bind their slaves. Helga graciously removed Adam's restraints, but warned him to maintain his good behavior lest she change her mind.

She explained that the slaves who shared the same dormitory as he did would also be his classmates in the slave training sessions. The occupants of this dorm were kept strictly separated from those of others to prevent "advanced" students from mingling with novices. This kept the curriculum reliably secret.

A dining hall was in the center of the campus where the slaves of each dorm ate in shifts to under the strict supervision of staff mistresses. It was feeding time, so Adam was led here, where he met his classmates for the first time. The female slave students sat on benches and stools arranged around long tables and wore one-piece thong suits of unusual designs which left no allowance for modesty.

Adam was handed a salad in a small bowl and a cup filled with lemonade. The mistress who served it explained the necessity of the diet to spare the Academy the embarrassment of fat slaves.

Helga went to a separate table designated for mistresses which had been lavishly set with fine silver as if for a feast.

Some of the slave students ate quietly, feeling uncomfortable in their new surroundings, but others among them felt emboldened by the kinky new environment and did not resist the urge to stare salaciously at Adam as he walked into the room carrying his food.

Adam was mortified by the ridiculous outfit he was forced to wear which made even simple movements awkward. The part of his body covered by his costume had inconveniently shifted during the trip across the island, and his captors had allowed him no privacy to readjust for comfort or modesty. As he sat at an unoccupied table near the entrance of the room, he tugged his brief in what he hoped was a discreet way.

Not long after he began eating, he became aware of a bevy of women standing around him.

"Are you a student, too?" asked the nearest blonde with interest. "I mean, are you sure you're in the right place?"

Adam smiled. "Actually, I'm pretty sure it's a big mistake," he admitted.

"The only mistake is that you're eating alone," said the brunette by the blonde's side. "We were just being curious. Is this your first time at the Academy?"

"Yes," said Adam.

"Us, too," said the blonde. "This is the beginners' class. They haven't told any of us what's happening."

"Me, neither," said Adam.

The blonde and the brunette sat down on either side of Adam, and half a dozen other girls moved closer to listen.

"Aren't you scared?" the blonde asked him. "I mean, anything could happen to us."

"I'm sure it's just part of the experience," said Adam, although he wasn't sure he believed it.

"I'm not scared," said the brunette confidently. "My friend recommended this place. Her master brings her here all the time. She doesn't say what happens; she just says that they're really strict, and they make her super horny every time she's here."

"I think there's something in the air," said the blonde, staring at Adam as her fingers carelessly caressed the edges of her swimsuit. "I felt it as soon as I got off the boat. But I felt it even more when you came in the room. I'm all tingly, and I'm having such strange ideas."

The brunette agreed. "What she's trying to say is that you're making our pussies wet."

"Don't tell him that! You're embarrassing me!"

"But he feels it too." The brunette's hand came to rest on Adam's thigh. "He's trying to hide it, but the spandex in his slave suit won't let him."

Adam defensively laid a paper napkin across his lap.

"Don't listen to her," said the blonde, playfully leaning closer. "We only came over to get to know you better. And to find out if you're ticklish. Are you?"

They didn't wait for an answer. The group descended upon him in a frenzy of laughing, tickling and groping. He fell to the floor as hands he couldn't see tried to pull off his brief.

The house mistresses watched in amusement, but surprisingly, it was Mistress Helga who intervened. The girls dispersed in a flurry of giggles and congregated at another table.

Adam returned to his seat and tried to finish his meal. Helga sat next to him with her hand on his thigh and seemed to dare anyone else to approach. Adam knew he should have been grateful for her watchfulness, but he also realized he had just been elevated to "teacher's pet."

Afterwards Adam and the rest of the students were herded into the dormitory. Helga explained that since he was the only male in an otherwise all-female dorm, he would not be assigned a roommate, nor would he be able to leave his room after hours. Instead he would be locked inside his room each night so that his classmates could feel safe from his "male perversity."

Before locking him in, Helga confiscated his brief—just as she confiscated the costumes of all the other students. Sleeping in the nude was mandatory at the Academy.

That night, as he tried to ignore the chatter of the girls in the next room, he couldn't help thinking that the unexpected incident at dinner had been somehow arranged by Helga.

In the morning, a house mistress unlocked his door. She threw a bikini brief at him and ordered him to put it on, then quickly moved on to deliver other uniforms to his classmates. The girls got breezy short nighties of different colors and matching thong panties.

The first morning's lesson was about grooming. Apparently it was very important for slaves to be completely clean-shaven. All the subs were ordered to shave (this is the part that Adam thought was particularly odd) each other. They were herded into a kind of shower room with steel restraints anchored into the floor and ceiling. The group was ordered to strip, and half the group was chained spread eagled while the other half were given shaving cream and razors to shave their partners. When each was finished, she changed places with her partner, and the process was repeated.

Adam had the most unwanted hair, so his partner had the toughest job. She was told to start with his genitals since that would take the longest.

Adam was the first one chained, but also the last one finished. When the other pairs had finished shaving each other, they were ordered to relieve his partner and to help their classmates to finish shaving him. By the end of the session, every girl in the room was shaving some part of his anatomy to get him completely bare.

This was followed by a group shower which was closely monitored by all of the house mistresses. When they were dry, he was ordered back into his bikini brief, and the other girls got their nighties back—but not their matching thongs. The mistresses explained that the thongs were no longer needed now that they were properly groomed.

They were escorted into a classroom with no desks. At the front of the room were a lectern and a small wastebasket. The back wall was a giant mirror. The other walls were covered with various chains and bondage devices. The comfortable chairs along the sides of the room were not for them to use, they were told.

They were ordered to assume kneeling positions and were given specific instructions regarding proper kneeling posture. When Mistress Helga was satisfied that they were all kneeling correctly, she began her lecture while the other mistresses sat in chairs and observed. None of the subs were allowed to take notes—emphasizing the need to pay attention.

"In my class, I have a tendency to describe the one who dominates you as a mistress," Helga explained, "although I realize some of you have made the unfathomable choice of being dominated by a man. There are gender-neutral terms, of course, such as 'top,' 'dom,' or even 'mastress,' but we believe such political correctness is unbecoming of our lifestyle. You will address your superior as either mistress or master, as is appropriate, but since all the instructors here at the Academy are female, I will continue to use the term 'mistress' to imply both."

The first lesson concerned the correct way to submit to discipline, and Helga chose Adam for her demonstration. He was ordered to approach the lectern and to turn around. She quickly but thoroughly suspended his hands from the back of his collar, then reached for the knee straps. "Legs together," she ordered. "You should put your legs together without being told. Girls, your mistresses may require you to spread your legs. In any case, you should do everything you can to anticipate your mistress's needs." She tied his knees together as she had the day before, but this time she refrained from using the gag.

"Now," she ordered, gesturing with her riding crop, "turn completely around so the class can see how handsome you are." He complied. "You will find that I sometimes use the term handsome as a euphemism for erect." She slapped his package painfully with the crop, prompting titters from the class.

He momentarily lost his balance and tipped over the wastebasket, spilling wadded paper onto the floor.

"I'm sorry, mistress," he said.

"Class, take note," she said. "By apologizing immediately, he hopes to spare himself the humiliation of further punishment. Forgiveness is rarely given, but not unheard of. Mistresses enjoy hearing you beg, so it doesn't hurt to ask." To Adam, she said, "Your penance for this infraction will be light."

She made no effort to release him, preferring to let him stand in front of the class while she continued her lecture. "Slavehood is a vocation to which you are now committed," she told the subs. "Your wants and needs will now be subordinate to the wants and needs of your mistresses. And a slave must be willing to perform menial but useful tasks around the house in addition to fulfilling your mistress's more intimate needs."

Her lecture on the philosophy of submission went on for more almost an hour. As he stood there in front of the class, one of the mistresses sitting in the back stared at him and touched herself, not seeming to care if he noticed.

As Helga concluded, she turned her attention back to Adam. "Would you like me to untie you now?"

"Yes, mistress," said Adam.


"What do you mean?" He was genuinely confused.

"I mean why should I untie you?"

He floundered. "Because my arms are getting cramped, mistress."

Helga turned to the class. "This is a common mistake. When I asked him a question, he told me about his needs--what he wants. He should be more concerned about what his mistress wants."

She approached Adam and stood inches away from his face. She placed one arm around him and rested her head against his so he could feel her breath on his face. "If I released you," she asked softly, "what could you do for me that you couldn't do right now while restrained? In other words, what's in it for me to let you go?"

Adam could not ignore the feel of her vinyl gown pressed against his skin. What did she want from him? Something obvious? Adam sensed danger.

"I could pick up the wastebasket and the paper, mistress," he said.

Helga skipped a beat, as if Adam had escaped a trap she had laid for him. "Well," she said. "That is an appropriate response—if a bit disappointing." She turned toward the class. "You'd be surprised how many slaves in his position would panic and offer to perform a sexual favor. Most do. But had he done so, he would have been assuming that the use of his arms would be required to satisfy my urges—an assumption which, in my case, would be wrong. Had he made such an offer, I would have accepted, and after he satisfied me, I might have decided not to release him. After all, I'd have no obligation to do so." She stepped behind Adam and removed his restraints. "You may pick up the wastebasket, slave."

After lunch they met in a different but identical room where they listened to a long lecture from Mistress Ling about proper etiquette at social gatherings—specifically bondage parties. Apparently such gatherings were frequent on the island, and subs were required to know how to behave--either as guests or as servants--at such events.

Adam relaxed a little bit when he noticed that Mistress Helga was not there. He did not expect anyone to explain her absence, so he didn't ask.

At the conclusion of her lecture, Mistress Ling changed the subject with a kind of pop quiz about self-bondage. Some mistresses, she warned, demanded a high degree of self-reliance in a sub. Some may test their subs' devotion by demanding them to restrain themselves.

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