My first training session with a Beautiful Black Goddess

Mistress Jaz had invited me over to give her a pedicure and provide sissy maid service. What I got was a mind blowing day of servitude I will never forget!

I arrived in the morning and was greeted by a vision of beauty. I had seen pictured of Mistress Jaz before, but they paled in comparison to meeting this incredible Goddess in the flesh. Tall, curvy, with hypnotizing eyes and the most perfect pouty lips.

I was immediately told to change into some sissy clothes to do some cleaning chores in. When I started to undress and Mistress Jaz was happy to see I was already wearing panties for her and told me she thought my panties were pretty. She then went through my outfits and proceeded to pick out a red and black lace blouse, black pleated mini skirt, and sheer black lace top thigh high stockings for me to wear.

I came across my first pleasant surprise as Mistress lead me to the kitchen to begin my chores... Her beautiful cousin (will call her "Lisa" was sitting at the table an immediately started laughing when she saw what i was wearing. She really enjoyed teasing me saying that i was "dainty", had "nice girly legs", and that i was "naturally femme". I spent the next couple hours cleaning Mistress Jaz's kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Twice I was called back into the kitchen by Mistress when her cousin Lisa noticed i had not properly cleaned out the sink and had forgotten to wipe down the front part of the stove. Mistress Jaz also sent me outside to put a few items in her shed wearing only my girly top, skirt and stockings, even though i would be in full view of her neighbors.

Once the cleaning was done Mistress Jaz took me into her bedroom and said she wanted me to change into some lingerie for her. She picked out a pink lace merry widow with a matching thong, and told me to keep on the black stockings from earlier. Next up a pair of black 5.5" open toed sandals with ankle straps. She then placed a long blond wig on my head and used her finger to style it to her liking. To top the outfit off, Mistress pulled out a pink collar with the word "SLUT" written on the front and snapped it around my neck. She then told me to crawl over to the side of the bed and to lay my body across the mattress with my ass in the air. I felt her hand start rubbing my panty covered ass and then "crack" i felt the blow of her leather paddle. Mistress Jaz really showed her expertise by starting off light and working her way up to stronger swats. Once she had my ass reddened to her satisfaction she informed me it was time for some anal training. She asked me if i had any experience with this and i informed her that i did, but it had been a while since I had been penetrated. I climbed up on the bed and was directed to get down on all fours and to stick my ass in the air as high as possible. Mistress pulled aside my gstring and I felt a cold liquid drip between the crack of my ass and soon Mistress began using her gloved hand to rub it all around my tight hole. Once she knew i was relaxed she eased her finger into my boypussy and started to work it in and out. Another finger slipped in and we soon got into a great rhythm that had my cock dripping precum and soaking my pink panties. Mistress pulled out a medium sized butt plug and began to insert it into my waiting slut hole. She got it about 3/4 of the way in but the last part just would not go.. This is where Mistress Jazz really impressed me. Instead of just ramming it in there (any potentially injuring me) like many inexperienced Dommes would try to do, she decided to switch me over to a smaller/shorter plug that went right in without much effort. She laughed and said "don't worry soon enough you wll be able to take this one" as she held up the largest plug in her collection. She fucked my ass with it for about 15 minutes leaning up against me as i rocked my hips back and fourth to take it as deep as i could. I was in complete Ecstasy and ended up cumming in my panties. Once she was finished using me, Mistress buried the plug deep into my ass, pulled my gstring up over the base of the plug and told me I better not let that plug come out of my ass.

Mistress decided It was time for her pedicure. Mistress Jaz has incredibly sexy feet! They are a perfect size 8, and silky soft to the touch. She let me rub her gorgeous feet for about 20 minutes before handing me the nail polish remover and telling me to prepare them for polishing. Once i had her toes cleaned off she handed me the copper polish and I went to work making her sexy toes sparkle. Mistress was so happy with the job I did on her toes that she allowed me to paint her fingernails as well. While her nails were drying Mistress decided it was the perfect time for me to go run out and get us some lunch. I was told to get dressed, but she wanted me to leave my pink lingerie on and the butt plug in underneath my clothing. Just before I went into the restaurant to pick up our food I realized I just drove the whole way with the pink "SLUT" collar on and quickly removed it and stuck it in my pocket. While i was inside waiting for our order to be brought up i had to keep reaching back and making sure the plug was

securely in my ass and not going to end up falling out and dropping on the floor in the middle of this crowded restaurant. When I arrived back at Mistresses home, I informed her what had happened with the collar. she laughed about it but warned me that next time the collar is to stay on.

After we finished lunch Mistress had me strip back down to my lingerie and put back on the collar, wig and heels. I was told to crawl over to her and kneel in front of her..She told me to place my arms behind my back and secured them together with a rubber zipstrip. She took down her pants and there in front of me was a view of her beautiful red lace panties. She sensually moved her body around my face letting me sniff different parts of her amazing body. She turned around and her perfect ass was just inches away from my face. She told me to start kissing her ass and i greedily planted my lips all over until she pulled it away and told me I had enough. Mistress than began to rub my nipples until she got them nice and stiff. She pulled out two clothespins and clipped one to each of my nipples. The pain was sharp at first, but within a moment it subsided and became tolerable.

Mistress then asked me if i was bisexual? I responded that I was curious but had never acted on it. She then asked me if i was told by her to suck a man's cock would I do it.. I told her that I would. "Good" she said and she pulled out a fairly large clear colored

latex dildo and told me to open wide to see what kind of skills I have. She slowly worked it into my mouth to let me become comfortable with its size then began to pump it in and out a bit. Again she was firm but extremely gentle as she knew this was one of my first times sucking on a dildo. I sucked on the dildo for a good 20 minutes and during that time she told me i showed good promise as a cocksucker which funny enough gave me a instant burst of pride.

I knelt down on the floor in front of this Goddess and she started working on the clothespins adorning my nipples once again. squeezing them tighter, than taking them off and re-clamping them back on. I was then told to stand up and walk around for her so she could see how well I moved in my high heels. She had me walk numerous times back and fourth across the room. Each time i got to where she was, Mistress would usually either tightly squeeze or adjust the clothespins and a few times checked to make sure my butt plug was fully inserted. Mistress said I was pretty good with the heels but that she wanted me to practice walking in them as often as I can.

As i finished up my walking practice. Mistress Jaz got a phone call from another slave of hers that will call "Fred". He was in the area so Mistress invited him to come by. We decided to take a short break before he got her so Mistress and I went into the laundry room to smoke a cigarette and relax. We were soon joined by her sexy cousin Lisa who had just arrived back home. After about 10 minutes Mistresses other slave had arrived. She went off with him and I got to hang out and get to know Lisa a bit better. After about 10 minutes Lisa led me back to Mistress Jaz's room and we both went inside. Mistress Jaz instructed me to kneel down in the corner and wait patiently. She then told Fred to get undressed and much to Mistress Jaz's delight he was in a pair of pink panties too. She then got out another blond wig which she placed upon his head. She told Lisa that she must of hit the jackpot today, by having two sissy boys on hand to cater to her desires. Mistress then asked Fred many of the same questions about bisexuality she had asked me. She then told both of us that she wanted to see us kiss! I was pretty much floored by this, and i am pretty Fred was as well. We both just sat there kind of dumbfounded until she said "Do it". We crawled to each other and quickly moved together to touch lips. "Again" said Mistress Jaz, so of course we followed her orders and kissed each other a second time. She then asked Fred if he would suck my cock if she told him too. Again I don't think Fred was very excited about the prospect of doing that, but never the less he responded yes Mistress. She then asked me the same question and I of course told Mistress that i would suck cock for her if she told me to. Luckily for both of us Mistress was just testing us, and said we would not have to do that for her today.

Mistress then had Fred kneel down on the side of the bed, and me kneel down at the bottom of the bed. She laid down in her stomach and told me to worship her beautiful feet while Fred worshipped her amazing ass. I rubbed, kissed, and sucked every inch of her gorgeous feet for about 20 minutes before Mistress said it was time for us to switch spots. I dove right into Mistress Jaz's amazing ass, licking and kissing her perfection all over. Lisa encouraged me to stick my tongue in deep and cheered me on enthusiastically as i did. She allowed me to worship her ass for quite some time before telling Lisa and I to go have a smoke so she could have some privacy with Fred before he had to leave.

After Fred had left Lisa and I went back to Mistress Jaz's room. It was then Lisa noticed Mistresses nails and told her that they looked good. Mistress asked Lisa if she would like me to give her a pedicure as well, and Lisa happily accepted. I told her i had a bunch of nail polish colors in my bag and pulled then out for her to choose from. She picked out a pretty red color and I got to work on my second pedicure of the day. Lisa had the cutest little feet and being a major foot guy, i was thrilled to be allowed the chance to pretty them up with a coat of polish.

Once i finished the pedicure both ladies had asked to see what other pair of heels I had brought with me. I pulled out the box and showed them the pink 6" ankle strap heels and Lisa was absolutely in love with them. "Damn you have good taste in girly shoes" she told me, which of course made me blush like crazy. They had me put them on and were happy to see how perfectly they matched the pink outfit that Mistress had picked out for me. They told me to stand up and dance sexy for them. I did my best, but unfortunately dancing and I are not a good match.

Lisa left to start dinner and Mistress told me to crawl over to her. When I arrived there she removed the clothespins and the pain was INTENSE. Honestly i had gotten used to them being on (I had them on for over 2 hours) and was shocked at how bad it hurt when she took them off. She also was kind enough to cut the zipstrip that was binding my hands behind my back. Mistress once again pulled out the clear dildo and held it to my lips. "Open wide" she said as she inserted the dildo past my lips and into my mouth. Mistress pumped it in and out for about 10 minutes before she had decided that was enough for now. She told me to remove my butt plug, throw away the condom that was on it, and to properly clean it for her.

Mistress told me to get back down to the bottom of the bed to worship her feet some more. I spent a good hour rubbing, caressing, and kissing her perfect feet and gorgeous ankles. Mistress Jaz just laid back on the bed with a smile on her face looking so beautiful and relaxed. Lisa knocked on the door and asked Mistress if she could send me to the store to pick up something she needed for her recipe. Mistress once again told me to get dressed but leave all my lingerie on underneath and head to the corner market to get what was needed. I was so nervous about going into the store with the pink "SLUT" collar around my neck that i did not even notice that one of my rear garter straps had come attached and were hanging out of the back of my pants until after i had been walking through the store for a few minutes. I was so embarrassed! I did get a few strange looks (especially from the cute young female cashier) but nobody said anything to me about them.

I arrived back at Mistresses house and she laughed when i told her what had happened. "Get used to it, public humiliation is a big favorite of mine" she said. I quickly stripped back down to my lingerie and went back to work on her beautiful feet again. We spent most of that time talking while I rubbed her feet and Mistress told me she was happy with my performance today. She then said she wanted to use me in some video clips and wants me to provide sissy maid service to her on a regular basis. I was so excited and happy when she said that... I seriously thought i was going to start crying tears of joy.

About that time we both glanced over at the clock and were surprised to see that i had been serving her for nearly 10 hours! The day just completely flew by and both of us were shocked at how late it was. I knew it was about time for me to head home so I asked Mistress if there was anything she wanted me to do before i saw her next. She handed me the medium size butt plug (the one that would not go in) and told me to take it home and train my ass to take it. She also told me to practice walking in my heels as often as possible. She told me to get dressed, but once again I was to keep my lingerie on for the ride home. Mistress Jaz walked me to the door, gave me a big hug and told me to text her as soon as I got home so she knew her new pet was safe :).
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