What was Monicas transgression

The cleanup was tedious but inevitable. As ordered, Adam released his classmates from the fucking machines, allowing the girls to go back to their rooms. He alone remained to wipe down and sterilize the equipment according to Mistress Helga's instructions. He was exhausted when she finally brought him back to his room.

The next morning he was awakened by Helga herself. She explained that she had allowed him to sleep later than the rest of the class because she wanted him well-rested for the day's event, although she neglected to explain what that would be. Instead she escorted him directly to the showers and watched him as he groomed.

Only after he had showered did she present him with his costume for the day: a g-string, a ball gag, bondage mittens, kneepads and leg straps.

"Am I being punished again?" he asked.

"No," she replied. "It's just the uniform of the day."

Under her instructions, he put on the gear. Both ankles were secured tightly to his thighs, forcing him into a permanent kneeling position. She assisted him with the bondage mittens.

"How will I get to class with my ankles tied to my legs? Crawl?"

"Silly thing, you've just answered your own question. Do you have any others before I gag you?"

"Is the class to be tied for the whole day?"

"No," she replied as she put the gag in his mouth. "Just you." She attached the leash to his collar. "Heel!" she commanded and led him into the corridor.

He understood immediately Helga's intent. Unable to stand, he had to follow her like a dog.

"I wonder how many of your classmates will get the joke?" she mused.

Teacher's pet, he thought grimly. There was no longer any pretense that he was anything else.

Entering the classroom, the staff mistresses greeted him with cheers and taunts—encouraging their subs to join in on the fun. Each of his classmates took turns petting and groping him before he found his usual spot and assumed a kneeling position for the lecture.

Helga asked Adam to assist her with the morning's lecture, giving her an opportunity to show her pet some new "tricks." The topic was stress positions.

By morning's end, he ached whenever he moved.

At lunch, he painfully crawled to the cafeteria where Helga put food in a dish on the floor for him. Helga removed his gag (but not his mittens) so he could eat only with his mouth. By now, he thought, the joke was surely wearing thin, but the women in the room thought otherwise. When he refused to eat, Helga spanked him vigorously for his ingratitude. He finally ate a little, though he wasn't hungry.

After lunch Helga replaced his gag and led him back to the classroom for another session. Shortly after Mistress Ling's lecture began, however, a mistress he had never seen before entered the room and delivered a note to Mistress Helga. Helga seemed pleased to receive it, and announced to the class that Adam was to be excused from the remainder of the lecture so that he could be delivered to the dean's office for an urgent meeting.

A limousine awaited outside the building to deliver them without delay to the north campus. Still gagged, he could ask nothing concerning what it was all about.

Before long, he found himself being led on all fours through the lobby of the administration building where his ordeal had begun less than a week ago. Back then he had entered of his own free will. He could walk upright and speak for himself and wear real clothes.

This was the last place he had worn shoes, he realized. Never before had he longed for shoes.

They approached the reception desk where the same slave girl who had greeted him and Monica upon arrival was now seated--still tethered to her desk. Now she was wearing a black vinyl bikini, and he wondered who was choosing the outfits that she wore each day. He wondered all kinds of things concerning her well-being, just as he now wondered about his own. Much had changed since he had first arrived.

"I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait," explained the slave. "Mistress Kathy is with another student." The slave girl walked around to the front of her desk (which was as far as her leash would allow her to go) and kneeled on the floor before Helga. "The fault is entirely my own," she continued, "because I underestimated the demands of my mistress's busy schedule for this afternoon. Would you like to punish me?"

"I'll put it on your tab," replied Helga.

"Are you certain?" the slave girl asked. "I have at least seven incidents on your tab already, Mistress Helga."

"Nine," she corrected.

"Your reputation is not one of forgiveness, mistress."

"Then I must be planning something extra special for you when I collect." At that point, Helga remembered that Adam could hear the conversation. "Return to your duties," she told the slave girl. "This conversation is scaring my pet."

The girl returned to her desk. Helga turned to Adam and said, "Obviously Mistress Kathy is with another student. We will have to wait. In the meantime, let's get that gag off."

After removing his gag, Helga also removed the thigh straps and ordered him to stand.

"You're not going to make me face Mistress Kathy on all fours?"

"Mistress Kathy wants to speak with you. She can't hold a conversation with a dog. The metaphor would be wrong and would spoil the joke."

Once standing, Adam felt like a human again. However, Helga quickly used the same straps to bind his hands and elbows behind his back. The plaque he first noticed on the wall of the lobby days ago was still there.


Once bound, Helga led him by his leash to some chairs at the edge of the room. She sat down and allowed him to sit next to her. By now, sitting in a real chair felt like a privilege.

"Do you know what this is all about?" asked Adam.

"Of course," replied Helga.

Adam did not ask her to elaborate. When she intended for him to know, she would tell him. He already knew the rules to this game.

After a few minutes, a mistress emerged from the corridor leading a male slave by his leash. He was heavily restrained, and the backs of his legs bore red marks—evidence of a recent lashing.

"Mistress Kathy will see you now," said the receptionist slave.

Helga led Adam down the hall and right up to the door of the office. She opened the door for him.

"After you," she said.

Adam entered the office and immediately averted his eyes. "I-I'm sorry, Mistress Kathy. I didn't realize you would be naked."

"Really?" she asked. Kathy was reclining on top of her table in a way that lacked any modesty. "My receptionist should have TOLD you I was with another student." She sat upright on the table. "Helga, secure the slave in the suspension cuffs. I need to have a serious talk with him."

Kathy was referring to a pair of cuffs dangling by chains from the ceiling. Helga removed the straps from his arms and secured him in the hanging cuffs. She used a ratchet crank on the wall to raise the chains until Adam's feet were elevated off the ground.

"Remove his uniform," ordered Kathy. Helga quickly removed his g-string, then used straps to bind his ankles and knees together. A short hooked chain was used to secure his ankles to a recessed ring in the floor. A final turn on the crank stretched his body to its limit—immobilizing him entirely.

"Thank you, Helga. Efficient as always. Now leave us."

Helga kissed him on the cheek before leaving the office.

When the door was closed, Kathy took a long moment just to stare at him.

"Are you going to tell me what this is about?" he asked.

"Enjoy the suspense." She stroked Adam's cock in a casual way. It responded immediately.

"The disciplinary situation with your mistress has nearly been resolved, but before I close the file entirely, I wanted to speak with you."

"Did Monica take the job offer?"

"We negotiated with her for your contract, but her price was too high. That offer was rescinded."

Adam was relieved but said nothing.

Kathy asked, "Did you enjoy your little field trip last night?"

"It was informative, mistress."

"Yes, I can imagine. We don't usually let students see the Citadel."

"I can't imagine why."

"Still cheeky, I see. As you've no doubt guessed, our enrollment depends upon positive word-of-mouth from our students—many of whom are repeat customers. If they knew too much about how our island really works, our regulars might be scared off."

"Bad for business."

"Yes, it's to our benefit to keep certain trade secrets from our students. But you're not a typical student, are you? You've been . . . popular."

"I noticed I was getting special attention."

"Very special. It seems Helga couldn't resist giving you the grand tour."

"Am I here to sign a non-disclosure agreement? I will. I'll agree to anything you ask."

"I know you will. But first, the business at hand. Monica, your mistress, was found to be in breach of contract and had to be expelled."

Adam welcomed this news. "When can I see her?"

"Your mistress will claim you in due time. Do you remember when I mentioned the forfeiture clause?"

"Yes. The one I didn't get to read."

"Apparently Monica didn't read it either."

"I'm not worried about getting our money back."

Kathy laughed as though he had made a joke. "That's the least of your concerns. Under the clause, one of the things she forfeits is you."


"Officially, we took possession of you at noon today—about 40 minutes ago."

"That's not possible."

"It's a fact. If it's any consolation, Monica was very upset about it."

"It's illegal. When I signed the slave contract, you said no court would honor it."

"No American court. That's another one of our trade secrets. You haven't been in America since you left the airport. Didn't you think it was unusual that you had to take such a long ride by boat just to get to this island?"

As Kathy talked, she started to absent-mindedly finger her pussy, gaining pleasure from Adam's collapsing hope of ever leaving the Academy.

"Our marketing staff calls this place a school," she purred as if to herself. "Our customers think of it as a resort. But it's more than either. In reality, the Academy is a sovereign country."

She rose from the table and walked over to him. She grabbed him by shoulders and started to climb him as an exotic dancer climbs a pole.

"A small country, to be sure," she panted into to his ear as she ground her body against his.

His arms ached from the weight of both their bodies. With one of her feet resting on his ankle strap, she wrapped her other leg around him, placing her heel on the back of his knee strap. She continued to climb him in a feat of unexpected athleticism.

"Our country won't be found on any maps, but we have a constitution which is premised on the right of anyone to sign away his rights--even into slavery."

By now both of her heels were firmly placed on the strap around his knees, and by pulling her body against his, she allowed his cock to slide into her. She rocked against him for maximum effect.

"You signed a slave contract willingly," she gasped, "which makes it so very LEGAL under our law!"

The conversation became a session of grunting and moaning which lasted several minutes.

Countless thoughts went through his mind—all competing with the undeniable reality of her body against his. All of those thoughts led relentlessly back to him being under her absolute control.

It ended in an ecstatic shriek heard throughout the building as he expended himself inside of her. Moments later, she slid off of him and lay down on the floor. Both were breathing heavily.

He continued to hang helplessly for minutes more—watching her heaving breasts as she lay panting.

Finally she rose from the floor and seated herself behind the table. "That," she sighed, "was your graduation ceremony. Congratulations."

Among the items on her table, she found her glasses and put them on. "Now then, I promised that your mistress would come and claim you. Helga?"

Helga entered the room. She bore a smile that terrified him.

"Adam has been granted an early graduation," explained Kathy. "Adam, Helga is your new mistress, and effective immediately, she will be training you in your new duties."

"Isn't this exciting?" squealed Helga as she gave him a giddy hug. "You're my bitch now!"

What happened next was a blur. His g-string was returned, and his arms were again secured behind his back. He found himself being ushered out of a back entrance and into a limousine.

"Citadel!" said Helga to the chauffeur.

The driver complied, wasting no time bringing Adam back to the west side of the island.

"I get a limo?" he asked.

"Mistress Kathy is already cross with me for bringing the Pony to the campus last night, so I arranged for a car instead. Visits from my Pony tend to upset the students."

"Understandably," he mumbled.

"Now that you're on our staff, you will not be permitted to speak to students," she explained. "Not ever. Is that understood?"

"Afraid of what I might say?" he asked.

"You understand, then. Secrets must be kept. Now let me remove those bonds. We are not on the campus anymore, and the dress code at the Citadel is a bit more casual."

She untied his hands, but left his collar on. "When we get to the Citadel, I will give you a new collar. One made of steel--more befitting of a lifelong slave. Now remove your g-string."

He hesitated, but then slipped it off, knowing there was no point in asking why. She rolled down the window and tossed his only remaining garment out of the car.

"You will go without clothes from now on," she said rolling up the window. "I've put a lot of thought into it."

They were nearly at their destination when Adam worked up the nerve to ask, "Are you ever going to tell me what Monica did that got her expelled?"

Helga considered this. "I suppose there's no harm in telling you," she said. "She's not your mistress anymore, so she's in no position to complain. She was found to be in breach of contract."

"How so?"

Helga grinned evilly. "Her tuition check bounced. Did she tell you she was having financial trouble?"

Adam was stunned into silence. Helga continued, "I guess not. It was quite fortunate for us. It allowed us to collect you at a bargain."

The limousine arrived inside the Citadel walls. As before, the residents within were moving about in carriages drawn by slave women in horse costumes. The slaves all shared the same look of despair.

A male slave in tight rubber shorts was waiting for them with a 4-wheeled dolly. "He's here to pick up my cargo," Helga told the driver.

Adam thought he was the cargo, so he was relieved when she told the driver, "Pop the trunk. I'll have Adam unload it."

Adam and Helga stepped out of the car. A few feet away, he noticed Helga's Pony from the night before again attached to a sulky and waiting for them.

He approached the trunk with caution. "Is this where you force me to unload whatever torture device I'm going to be strapped to tonight?" he asked.

"You know me so well," said Helga, smiling wickedly. "Open the trunk and look at it."

Adam didn't know what to expect when he opened the trunk, but he was unprepared for what he saw.

"Mmph!" grunted Monica through her gag. She was naked and tightly bound in a fetal position inside. A tight-fitting hood covered most of her head but left her glaring eyes uncovered.

Helga ignored Monica's distress and turned to Adam. "We told you she was upset. She should have read the forfeiture clause. Under the terms of her contract, she forfeited an awful lot."

Monica stared at Adam with fury—as if he had had something to do with her captivity. Adam could not bear to look at her accusing eyes.

"Remove her and place her on the dolly."

"Mistress Helga, I—"

"You cannot help her by noncompliance," Helga interrupted. "You can only make your own situation worse. Now put the bitch on the dolly!"

Adam was torn, but could see no alternative. He placed his arms gingerly around his former mistress and lifted her onto the dolly. "I'm sorry," he whispered so that only she could hear.

"You should be furious with her," said Helga. The male slave was about to wheel the helpless Monica away, but Helga motioned for him to wait. To Adam, she said, "You know your current situation is totally her fault. I would understand if you'd like to take a moment to piss on her. I'll watch."

"No," said Adam.

"You're certain?"

Adam could say nothing more, and looked away in shame. With Helga's consent, the slave took Monica away.

"What's going to happen to her?" he asked.

"She'll be repurposed. As a former mistress, she's untrainable. But those who cannot be trained can still be broken."

"Repurposed as what?" Adam watched as the slave rolled Monica away.

"A pony," said Helga. "All the ponies on the island are former mistresses."

To be continued . . .
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