A husbands punishment continues at his wifes feet

I will bring you your Magic Wand and Trigasm.

And suck on your toes,

while you enjoy every spasm.

Your humiliated sissy in panties, tights, and stilettos.

This is the sixth chapter of my wife's execution of the punishment poem I submitted to her suggesting ways to atone for my inability to control my orgasm. Please read the earlier chapters for the full poem and the humiliations I have been forced to endure because of my failure. As with the previous chapters, my wife told me to let the readers know she welcomes your feedback and any suggestions you may have of further cruelties and humiliations I should suffer under her control. We have received several very creative suggestions via private email feedback. My wife says please keep them coming. She thanks you for your input, and I am both fearful of and excited by your creativity.

I arrived home from work on Tuesday night a little early because of a meeting outside of the office. When I walked in the door, my wife was not yet home, but there was a note for me.

"Welcome home my pitiful sissy slut. Tonight you are going to serve me as my slutty secretary. I have put your outfit on the bed. You must dress in black satin panties, black opaque tights, a black control camisole top, and a black control brief to keep your sad, disobedient cock under control. You must complete your outfit with a tight black pencil skirt, a black turtleneck top and black platform pumps with a 5 inch heel. I will be home at six and expect you to be showered and ready to serve me."

Realizing I needed to hurry, I went to the bathroom to shower. There was another note reminding me my boss likes her secretary shaved smoothly and smelling pretty. Heeding her command, I showered and shaved my legs, my pubic mound, and the rest of my body, girly smooth. She left some perfumed lotion for me, and I rubbed the lotion over my freshly shaved legs and body, enjoying the pretty feminine scent.

As commanded, I slipped on the black satin panties, pulled the tights carefully up my legs and high up my waist. I put on the firm control brief stretching it high over the top of the tights. I stepped into the camisole, pulled it over the tights, and slipped my arms through the straps before adjusting it over my chest. I was now firmly girdled in the tights, power panties, and camisole, with my cock pressed flat in the satin panties. Next, I slipped on the beautiful black leather pumps and paused to enjoy the feeling as the leather snuggly cupped my tights covered feet. I admired the shape of my legs; looking slim, sleek, and shapely in the black tights and feminine pumps. I pulled the knit turtleneck over my head and pulled on the skirt, sliding it up my smooth opaque legs, and zipping it at my waist. The feeling of the satin lining against my legs and the control panty made me quiver with edgy frustration in my touch-free state of denial.

As I admired myself in the mirror, my wife arrived home, and I heard her high heels click as she walked up the stairs. Appraising my feminine attire, she told me I really was a pitiful sissy girl. She called me into the bathroom and sprayed me with perfume. She then applied bright red lipstick to my lips, telling me that tonight I would be servicing the boss. She pulled her Hitachi Magic Wand massager off of the shelf in her closet along with the Trigasm attachment. This silicone attachment fits over the head of the magic wand and has three prongs, a large G spot prong with a bulb on the end to insert in her pussy, a twig on the front for her clit, and a prong in the rear to stimulate her ass. There is nothing subtle about this toy

One of my wife's favorite things is to have her toes sucked and licked. It really drives her wild. After grabbing the Magic Wand and Trigasm, she moved into the bedroom. She removed her skirt and top and laid them over a chair. My heart leaped as I admired her moving around the room in nothing but her bra, panties, and sexy black leather high heeled pumps. She unhooked her bra, freeing her full breasts, slid off her panties, and climbed on the bed wearing only her heels.

"My slutty sissy secretary, in order to make this payment for your sissy failure, you will service me by first sucking on my right foot and toes until I come and then sucking on my left foot and toes until I come again. After that, we will see what happens." Standing at the end of the bed, I removed her right shoe and began to slowly lick the toes on her right foot. The leather and perspiration from her day flavored her toes with a musky sharpness I knew well from previous service. She inserted the G spot probe into her pussy, pushing the Trigasm firmly against her so the front twig parted her lips and pressed against her clit. As I began sucking her big toe all the way into my mouth, she flipped on the switch of the Magic Wand. She moaned in almost instantaneous pleasure as the shock of the deep vibrations shook her to the core of her loins. I moved my mouth over all of her toes as she began to breathe heavily with the rising sensation. She hoarsely ordered me to take her whole foot in my mouth. "I better see red lipstick stains at the base of my foot or you will pay with your sissy ass" she warned. I struggled to maintain my footing because the leather soled pumps slid on the carpet as I began to deep throat her foot. Sucking it into my mouth, I swirled my tongue over her toes like I was giving her foot a blow job. I worked hard to satisfy her, stretching my lips out to touch the top of her foot near the base of her ankle trying desperately to leave the lipstick mark she demanded before pulling back to breathe

I felt the lining of the skirt slide up my tights as I serviced her foot exposing the bottom of my ass. As I pushed my mouth back down over her foot, she began to shudder with her first orgasm, groaning with the first spasms of her pleasure. Her foot jerked in my mouth as she spread her legs further and forced the device hard against her pussy, rocking it downward so the rear prong pressed first against and then slightly into her asshole. I moved to keep up with her foot, holding it in my mouth as I worked my tongue back and forth over her toes while she shook violently and moaned with pleasure. As she broke through her climax and began to settle back down, I pulled back and began to gently lick and suck her toes, in tune with her body as her breathing became steady while she returned from her orgasmic peak.

After pausing for a couple of minutes to gather herself, she reapplied the bright red lipstick to my lips teasing me that I was becoming such a slut that she might have to take additional measures to control me. She ordered me to switch my ministrations to her other foot. I began to lick and suck her toes on her left foot as she again inserted the middle bulb of the Trigasm into her pussy, turned on the Magic Wand, and forced it hard against her clit and ass to take full advantage of all three prongs of pleasure. More relaxed after her first orgasm, she continued to chastise me for my inability to control myself. With a wickedly cruel tone, she said she would lock up my cock, and I would never be able to fuck her again if I could not properly restrain my orgasm. She threatened that next time I would be sucking her toes while she was properly fucked some young stud if I could not control my sissy dick. While I had fantasized about her fucking other men, she had never made this threat. I felt both fear and excitement in my gut as my cock swelled in vain against the satin panties.

Eager to please my deliciously cruel wife, I increased my efforts sucking and licking her toes as her second orgasm began to build. She noticed my excitement as I increased my pace and taunted me saying, "You are a pitiful sissy girl if you are turned on by watching your wife pleasured and fucked by other men. You should be very careful what you wish for." Her ominous warning was interrupted by a gasp as the vibrating probes took over her body and quickened her breath. Again, I struggled to hold her toes in my mouth as she pulled her legs apart trying to force the Trigasm deeper into her pussy. I lifted my eyes to watch as she began to quake with the rush of pleasure, enjoying the beautiful sight of my wife's orgasm. She struggled to breathe as the orgasm broke through; contractions shook her whole body, pushing her over the top. Biting her bottom lip as she came down from the height of her orgasm, she shook her foot to release it from my mouth. As she composed herself, I stood and straightened my skirt, again conscious of the warm pleasure of the leather fuck-me pumps and my girly attire, the smell of perfume drifted up from my neck.

After a moments rest, my wife told me she wanted one more orgasm. She turned on her stomach and pulled her knees under her, raising her gorgeous ass in the air. She slowly eased the Trigasm back into her weeping pussy, pulling it forward so the front probe was hard against her clit. Reaching back with her other hand she pointed at her ass and commanded me to lick her rear hole. I climbed up on the bed and pulled her ass cheeks apart. I began slowly swirling my tongue around the ring of her asshole, slipping it just under the back prong of the Trigasm, which she had pulled away from her ass as she rocked it forward to force it hard against her clit. She turned the Magic Wand on its low setting. The vibrations from her earlier her efforts had relaxed her sphincter so much that my tongue dipped inside her hole with little resistance as I swirled it around her anal ring. I became more direct, licking up and down the center of her hole and popping the tip of my tongue inside her in the middle of every stroke. She moaned with pleasure and told me to fuck her ass with my tongue. Forcing my face between her ass cheeks, I pushed my tongue into her. Her ass was so relaxed I was able to thrust my tongue into her ass as far as it would stretch.

She pushed back against my face trying to force my tongue deeper into her ass as she began rocking the vibrator back and forth. I winced as the rear prong of the vibrating Trigasm touched my tongue causing me to pull back from the tickling sensation. "Panty slut, you will never come again if you do not stuff your tongue back into my ass," she yelled. Steeling myself to endure the vibrations, I obediently pushed my tongue back into her warm hole. She rocked the vibrator back so the rear probe again came into contact with my tongue. I pushed my face hard against her ass cheeks to brace myself and held my tongue inside the velvety walls of her hole. My tongue transferred the vibrations into her warm canal. "Oh fuck that feels so good," she groaned as she began to shake and ride my vibrating tongue in her ass. Her spasms became stronger and her sphincter tightened around my tongue. I struggled to wiggle my tongue deeper into her hole to push her over the top. She squeaked loudly with every breath as she came hard against the three pronged genital assault of the Trigasm, lingering within her orgasm and drawing out her pleasure. Spent, she switched off the vibrations and collapsed forward on her stomach. I softly rimmed her asshole with my tongue as she enjoyed the relaxed afterglow of her third orgasm.

After she had recovered for a few minutes, she turned to me and said, "Panty slut you barely passed tonight's test and came very close to having to start over." She told me I would have to endure extra sexual frustration to learn to be more responsive to her needs. She instructed me to remove my blouse, skirt, pumps, and the control brief, but leave on the tights, panties, and camisole that encased my body. She made me put on a long black satin gown she had purchased for me. I slipped off the pumps feeling the coolness of the air on my toes as they were freed from the leather and slid off my skirt, blouse, and control panty. I slipped the gown over my head, overcome by a warm thrill as the satin nightgown slid down my top and my tights. As we prepared for bed, every movement caused the cool satin to rub over my tights and panties massaging my desperate cock. I climbed into bed and experienced the strange feeling of my tights encased feet and legs under the cool sheets. I tossed and turned all night under the constant stimulation of my gown and tights, haunted in my heightened state by constant thoughts of being forced to endure the most perverse acts imaginable.
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