Darien makes me her slave

Darien leaned down and planted her soft, juicy lips on mine. I savored the sweet taste of he her mouth for a moment before I noticed her tongue inside mine. She was French kissing me!

This was all new territory for me. I had never kissed a girl, let alone let one run her tongue all over the inside of my mouth. It was all too sweet, too real....

Darien pulled her tongue out of my mouth and leaned up, staring down at me with a grin. "Well?" she asked.

I had no clue what to say. All of my dreams coming true in one moment sort of took all my breath away. "Darien, I—"

Darien slapped me across the cheek—hard! I had no idea any woman could hit so quick or so fiercely. Even though I felt a lot of pain, I did feel some blood rush strait to my manhood. She was turning me on!

"You'll address me as 'Mistress Darien' or just 'Mistress" from now on, understood?"

I nodded. "Yes, Mistress," I said.

"Good. Now, my new slave, I'm going to put you through some tests. Although you are now a pussy-whipped little man-bitch, I still expect my men to be tough...it's a privilege to be Mistress Darien's slave. If you're good and you pass all your tests, I'll reward you with a little treat. Do you got all of that?"

I nodded, too weak to do anything else besides stare at my new mistress's nice fleshy thighs. She must have noticed, because she grinned and then slapped me again. "Don't let your eyes wander!" she yelled. I recoiled from the pain and closed my eyes. "That's better," I heard her say.

Next I felt Darien's hands at my waist—for a brief moment I dreamed that she was heading for my zipper—but then I felt my shirt fly off my body. Darien put a finger to her lip and thought for a moment. "You're a little fat," she said, as if she were examining an animal at the zoo. "But with a little work I think you'll do." Darien slapped me on the belly and gripped my excess fat. "You need to hit the gym!" she yelled. "Mistress can look however she wants, and you'll serve her however she looks, but little man-bitch needs to stay fit. Understand?"

I nodded.

Darien smiled, leaned down, and kissed me again. She kept her tongue in my mouth for quite some time, rolling it over mine. I savored every moment of it, especially when she would push her tongue to the back of my mouth. When she was done, she pulled away and smacked her lips. "You'll be a good little man-bitch of you keep this up," she said.

Next, Darien pulled down my zipper and ordered me to stand beside her bed. She pulled off my pants, giggling when she saw my not-so-hairy legs. "We'll have to take care of what little hair you have, man-bitch. My, no wonder you've never been laid. You could almost pass as a woman!" Darien laughed and slapped me on the butt. I enjoyed the feeling—a sexy, dominant woman making me her little whore—until I felt my penis start to swell with blood. I tried to dispel that last thought, tried to think of neutral things, like landscapes and scenery—but I could not stop. I saw Darien move around front and stare at the emerging bulge in my Fruit of the Looms.

Darien giggled: a cute, high-pitched feminine sort of thing. Then she opened a drawer in her night stand, pulled out a pair of scissors, and began cutting off my underwear!

"Now that you're mine," she said, "You'll either wear the panties that I order you to wear, or you'll have no underwear at all," she said. I felt the last scrap fall off, and then looked down. Sure enough, my penis—all six and a half inches—was sticking up at its usual forty-five degree angle, the bare head pulsing with a bright fleshy red.

Darien giggled again. She looked me in my eyes until I lowered my gaze, as I knew a submissive slave should. She reached down and gripped my penis, rubbing her soft, silky hands over it. She slowly worked her way to the head, which she gave extra attention. "I just love circumcised men," she said. "It's a sign of submission, I sign that men can and should be subject to what their mother—and every other woman in society—desires. If you weren't circumcised, I'd have to perform the operation on you myself. I know how to do it."

I wanted to sigh in relief, but I dared not. Although I completely trusted Darien—after all, I had just become her slave—the idea of someone who wasn't a medical professional performing a circumcision scared me. I felt glad I was the first male in my family to get circumcised...at my very-assertive mother's insistence, of course.

Darien rubbed her hands on my legs, up my calves, and eventually ended by fondling my penis. She fingered my legs and penis, brushing the scratchy hair. "Hmmm, we'll have to fix this," she said. "I can't let my little-man bitch have any hair. Only real men have hair, and since you're now pussy-whipped, it must all come off."

"I wouldn't have it any other way, mistress," I said. My heart fluttered after my comment. I didn't know if Darien would slap me for speaking out of line, or appreciate the compliment.

Darien looked up and gazed deeply into my eyes for a moment. By the look on her face and the way her tongue ran in and out of her lips, I could tell that my comment had aroused her—just as it had aroused me, too. Finally she said, "Oh, I can't wait any longer. You can shave after we're done."

Next thing I knew, Darien slammed me into the bed, climbed on top of me and wrapped her legs around mine. I knew what was coming, so I tried to help her get her clothes off as much as I could. I ripped off her bra—revealing a luscious set of silky-white boobs—and she was able to get her shorts and panties off by herself. Her couple extra pounds formed a tiny belly—it turned me on, knowing that I had to "hit the gym," whiles Mistress could look however she pleases. In less than half a minute, my dream of a naked Darien in top of me, ready to take my virginity, had come true.

I had never had such an intense experience in my life, until this first time of making love to my mistress. Darien kissed me so passionately, I felt sure I was in heaven. She would kiss me up and down my neck, always ending with a smack on the mouth. After a few minutes of pure making-out, I felt Darien push my head down towards her pussy.

I knew what she wanted me to do, but it scared me to do it. Although I felt that I loved Darien, pussy-licking still seemed a little gross to me. I decided that maybe my fears were because this was my first time making love, so I threw caution to the wind and embraced my new role with gusto.

My pre-conceived ideas vanished at the first lick. She tasted wonderful, just as a dominant woman should. As I explored this new, delicious territory, Darien started to moan with the rhythm of my licks. I mixed it up, alternating between fast and slow, deep and shallow. I gave extra attention to her clit. Soon, I could feel Darien's whole body shake, and her moans become louder.

"Harder, faster!" she screamed, just before coming all over me.

Her coming was like a revelation for me. I instantly realized my true place in life, as I laid there sucking on Darien's pussy. Although I knew I was Darien's slave for this brief interval, I had never thought about...well, living my whole life this way. At first, it had seemed scary to be living the rest of my days taking orders from a woman, obeying her every command, and literally being her man-bitch. Now, I had no doubts: I wanted to be her slave for the rest of my life.

Darien's shakes grew smaller and smaller, and gradually her breathing leveled off. I just lay there, staring at her dripping pussy and thinking about the times ahead. Then, I saw Darien sit up and stare down at me, her hands on her hips. She had a mischievous grin on her face, a grin that I had now associated with trouble for me.

"Good job, slave," she said. "For a first-timer, you served Mistress very well. You will be rewarded later for your services."

I bowed my head. "Thank you, Mistress."

Darien threw back her head and laughed. "Oh, don't thank me yet," she said. "I am about to start breaking you in as my slave. It will be a tough journey, but your reward shall be worth it." Darien giggled again, reached down, and fondled my penis. Once my erection was complete, she yanked on me and started leading me into the bathroom. "First, let's get rid of all that hair."
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