Sweet revenge

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7. Sweet revenge

The sound of light feet made him hold his breath.

He wasn't sure what he had expected, but the feeling of relief was tangible as a lithe, small figure stepped in through the opening, wide brown eyes fixed on him. He had to turn his head rather uncomfortably to get a good look.

He turned his head back and rested his forehead against the rough wooden surface of the pole. Relief made him close his eyes and slowly exhale.

"If you could just cut me down from here..."

He shifted his weight and grimaced at the pain shooting through his toes.

"Use one of my daggers, they are still..."

He tilted his hip sideways a tad, to demonstrate where the daggers could be found, still attached to his belt, sheathed.

The ache seeping through his arms, throbbing through his entire body, made him groan softly. The boy still didn't speak, and Keran turned his head, searching for him.

The boy was still standing just inside of the opening, slightly crouched down, and his face showed wide eyed astonishment.

Well, who could blame him?

He probably hadn't expected to find their allegedly skilled and dangerous protector strung up like a piece of meat on a stick.

"Don't tell me you got caught?!" The boy´s voice held a wholesome deal of amusement. At that point Keran couldn't really appreciate the humor though. His shoulders were aching increasingly.

He was just about to vocalize his discontent when the boy froze, a startled expression on his smooth, almost heart shaped face.

"Someone is coming!" He whispered and turned to the opening.

Yes, Keran could hear the voices as they came nearer. They were being kept low, however, and he couldn't distinguish the golden angel´s voice among them.

She had a smooth, slightly husky tone to her voice, not at all unpleasant.

"I have to go, I´ll be back." With that the boy slipped out through the opening, and within moments Keran could no longer hear his light footsteps.

The darkness filling the opening in the tent suddenly seemed threatening, as if anything could come through at any time.

Groaning from pain and discomfort, he tilted his head back and examined the way the rope snaked around his wrists. The rope was tied tightly and roughly, making his wrists raw.

She had probably tied it that way on purpose, wanting to make it as uncomfortable for him as she could.

He wondered why she hadn´t taken his clothes off, that way he would have felt the whack of the cane even more. It would have been even more uncomfortable as well, since the night air was indeed chilly. Maybe even a bit humiliating, since she was so obviously not impressed by him and he certainly was by her.

The voices sounded as if they originated from right outside, and they were indeed being kept low, as if they didn't want to be overheard.

"Wait outside, keep guard. Don't let anyone in."

He knew who would step through the opening before her tall, limber form emerged. He couldn't help turning his head as much as he could, though, not at all comfortable with having his back to her.

He watched her step inside the tent, her feet placed carefully on the trampled mud floor.

She moved smoothly, much like the angel, but possibly with a little less grace.

If the angel reminded him of a stalking tiger, the dark haired woman was more of a hyena. She was flanked by two other women, who he had not seen before. They were as tall as her, and dressed the same way, nearly not dressed at all, that is.

"Aw, did Isora leave you all alone?"

Her voice was low and husky, with unmistakable glee coming through loud and clear. They stepped apart, split up and advanced towards him.

He clenched his fists, tugging at the rope that kept his hands high above his head and shifted his feet, desperately wanting to find a balanced stance. He turned his head anxiously, not being able to see them all as they approached him made his heart race and his muscles tense in objection.

The sodding brat had left him high and dry.

If he had only cut the rope, he could´ve defended himself, but instead he hung there, pathetically vulnerable.

One woman advanced leisurely from his left hand side, and the other from the right, but he couldn't see Lelia, the dark haired one.

He could hear her feet touch the ground though, as she approached from behind. Since his arms were stretched straight above his head, the space right behind him was his blind spot.

He caught a glimpse of her in the corner of his eye and breath hitched in his throat when he realized how close she was, only a couple of steps behind him.

"So, she didn't even interrogate you properly. I guess that was only to be expected."

She leered. She stopped a step away, close enough to touch.

"First, these clothes really need to go."

Normally, yes, he would´ve agreed. At that moment? Not so much.

The tall women closed in on him, their eyes intently on him. They came close, their exposed skin brushing his clothing, the look in their eyes clearly appreciative.

They were not as pretty as the golden angel, or even Lelia, but still attractive enough.

He couldn't help looking at them, taking in the smooth, exposed skin and well-shaped limbs.

"Let´s take it down. You wouldn't do anything stupid now, would you?" Leila's voice so close, and her warm breath in his neck, made him jump slightly.

He turned his head, startled, at the same moment her body pressed up against his back. He could feel the soft flesh of her breasts and the flat plane of her stomach as she pressed herself against him. Still, he jumped again when her hands snaked around his waist, palms coming to rest on his ribcage.

The blond on his right hand side giggled softly.

"Is it afraid?" It was the one on his left who raised her voice.

She sounded amused. He turned his head to look at her. She had shiny brown hair and greenish eyes.

When he caught her eye he realized they wanted to scare him. As if he would give them the satisfaction. The hands on his ribcage travelled upwards, eagerly palming his flat, hard pectoral muscles, grabbing them through the clothes, followed by a contented sigh from behind. He held the brown haired woman´s gaze, and smiled, as if he wasn't tied to a pole with his arms stretched above his head, completely helpless.

The brown haired woman´s eyes widened a little bit, just for a brief moment, then she tore her eyes from his, smiling slightly.

"Cocky bastard, isn't it?" She said, looking past him. The blond giggled again, and a hand brushed the underside of his arm, all the way up to his elbow. He turned his head to her and met her eyes. They were brown and sparkled mischievously. Her fingers brushed downwards again, stopped just above his armpit.

"Oh, Lelia let us play with it." She purred, still looking him in the eye.

The hands on his chest travelled downwards, and landed unceremoniously on the buckle of his belt. The one the daggers were attached to.

"Trust me; we are going to play with it." Lelia drawled as she undid the belt buckle.

He couldn't help it. They were attractive females, and the prospect of them playing with him, even if it was roughly, made his heart beat faster and blood to surge into his lower regions.

She pulled the belt from him, and he heard the thud as it landed on the trampled mud floor. That wasn't the belt holding his trousers up, though.

"Take it down." Lelia said, and stepped away from him.

Blondie and Brownie immediately left his sides, but came back a moment later carrying crates that they placed next to the pole. Stepping on the crates they reached high enough to untie him from the iron ring.

They grabbed him by his upper arms as they allowed him to place his weight on the entire soles of his feet. They lowered his arms in front of him, his wrists still bound together. He moaned from discomfort as his aching muscles were forced to change their position. They made him turn around to face Lelia.

He stood as tall as he could, stretching his spine and lifting his chin as much as he could. It was all he had, a slight advantage in height. Lelia merely smiled coolly, her gaze examining his probably bruised face.

"Pretty, isn´t that a fitting name for it?"

She snickered, so sure of her dominance.

Keran´s jaw clenched.

Certainly not. It sounded silly, and he wasn't an it. He met her gaze, forcing his features into the expressionless mask, focusing on keeping his gaze empty, cold. If anything, she was an it. A hyena, thriving on the helplessness of others.

A nearly naked, attractive hyena though.

She smiled appreciatively, her eyes travelling down his body.

"Undo the rope, and take those clothes off. " She ordered; her eyes still on him. Blondie and Brownie immediately untied his hands, then again taking hold of his upper arms.

Usually, the prospect of some playtime would probably have made him postpone his escape indefinitely, but looking into Lelia´s eyes he knew she wanted to humiliate him.

She wanted to torture and hurt him, as much as she wanted his body. The thought of being dominated by her cleared his foggy mind a bit, and pushed his arousal level back a notch or two.

Her idea of play most certainly wouldn't be the same as his.

At the same time he crouched down, a split second before he made his escape, Blondie twisted the rope around his neck and pulled it tightly. His hands clawed at the rope, desperately since she had effectively cut of his ability to breathe.

"Stand still and I will loosen the rope." Blondie whispered in his ear. She loosened it enough to allow him a little bit of air, just enough for him to stop struggling.

Brownie had already started opening the buttons in his vest. She was very effective, and in a few moments time she had undone it, and continued with his shirt.

Keran gritted his teeth. Once again he was forced to tilt his head back, his hands still pulling at the rope. She had an excellent grip on it though, and no matter how hard he pulled, it stayed around his neck.

"Stop struggling:" Blondie tightened the rope a little, forcing his head to tilt back a little more.

"Stand still." Blondie´s lips nudged his ear as she whispered to him, and she gently nibbled on in earlobe. Keran shuddered when her warm, wet tongue traced the crease under his ear.

He became very still, tensed, but still.

Brownie pushed the vest and shirt off his shoulders, clearly pleased with what she had uncovered. The night air was a bit chilly, and he shivered slightly.

"Pretty all over." She purred and let the garments fall to the ground.

He didn't resist as the clothes slid of his arms.

Brownie smiled at him, and then she started working on the belt buckle. Lelia watched him intently, her eyes narrowed and glued to his body. She had moved sideways, so that Brownie didn't hinder her from seeing all of him.

"So much better than those merchants." Lelia said with a smirk. Her gaze travelled up to his face, and she winked. "They were quite ugly, to be honest."

She let go of his gaze and stepped past him.

Brownie had managed to undo the belt buckle, and was eagerly pushing his trousers down his hips and down his muscular thighs.

His attention was on Lelia, though. As she disappeared behind him he became uneasy. He couldn't turn his head much, since Blondie held the rope tight around his neck, but he managed to peek over his shoulder.

Lelia stood behind him, clearly enjoying the view.

"It has been whipped recently." She remarked with a dry tone in her voice, a tone that told him it wasn't a concern to her, but simply an observation.

Blondie was examining his back. She held the rope tight in one hand, while the fingers on her other hand gently brushed the marked skin on his lower back. The lashes was crisscrossed, they were striping him all over, in an angry shade of red.

The healing process had started, but it would take some time before they started to fade, the whip had bit sharply into his skin.

Carefully Blondie traced the marks from the whip, so gently, he couldn't help but to shiver from her touch.

Brownie tugged at his trouser leg, urging him to lift his foot so she could pull his boot off. Obediently he did so, and then the other foot. The trousers went the same way, leaving him naked.

Brownie sat on her heels, her narrow face lifted, taking in his naked form. The smile on her face was that of a cat observing a mouse caught between its paws. Her eyes raked over his hard, lean body, and came to rest at his groin.

"It´s well equipped too." She exclaimed, appreciatively eyeing the somewhat swollen cock, hanging heavily against the narrow gap between his slightly parted thighs.

She actually licked her lips, something he found extremely exciting. The view of her flushed face and the swelling mounds of exposed flesh just below made blood rush into his groin, causing his cock to swell further, slowly beginning to lift upwards.

He had to strain hard to be able to watch Brownie. Blondie had him in a tight grip, his head forced back by the rope around his neck, but he managed to glance at Brownie down his nose. Her lips were full and red, and just imagining how they parted to take him in her mouth caused him to whimper.

"Clearly it wants to play." Blondie was standing next to him, looking down his body. She had loosened the rope around his neck a bit. Lelia chuckled behind his back.

"Why don't you give it a treat, Nancy, it has been such a good boy."

Lelia came up beside him. She placed one hand on his shoulder, her fingertips gently stroking his smooth skin, relishing in the firmness of his muscles.

Brownie didn't hesitate. Her hand came up and wrapped around the base of his hard flesh.

She peered up at him, her eyes glittering with delight. He watched those red, lush lips part, slowly closing in on the shiny, glistening tip of his excited cock.

At the sight of her pink tongue darting out, slowly tasting the wetness at the tip, he moaned, but he didn't take his eyes of her lips.

She smiled with her lips pressed against the tiny slit at the tip of the thick, hard but yet velvety smooth cock, looking up at him enjoying the enthralled expression on the beautiful face.

His blue grey eyes were wide, framed in thick black lashes, and the beautifully shaped lips were slightly parted, showing a hint of his strong, white teeth. A blush colored his high cheekbones, and when she let the bulbous head of his hardness slide in between her lips, his eyes closed, the lashes fluttering against his cheeks, another deep moan pulled from his throat.

Brownie teased the sensitive string on the underside of the tip with her tongue, drawing another moan from him.

She knew what she was doing, that was plainly obvious, and at that moment he was immensely thankful he hadn´t yet escaped.

His hands found their way to her head without any conscious effort on his part, but they were immediately removed by Blondie.

She pulled his hands behind his back, and tied them together with the same rope that went around his neck. He didn't fight her; he tilted his head back, eyes closed, as Brownie took more of him into her mouth. He would happily have gone along with almost anything, if it meant more of her mouth on him.

Lelia was stroking his chest. Her hands were pressed against his tensed chest muscles, rubbing them. Blondie was stroking his ass. She grabbed his cheeks, squeezed and groped, clearly an ass woman.

He didn't mind.

Not at all.

Why was it he intended to escape in the first place?

By the life of him, he couldn't remember.

Brownie stroked his thigh with one hand, and gently cupped his balls with the other, devouring him completely, far down her throat.

The muscles in his thighs were trembling, and he was moaning a little more frequently. Gently she raked her nails down his thigh, and immediately he groaned and came. It felt as if he emptied an entire bucket of semen down her throat. At least it did to him. Spurt after spurt, until he had nothing more to spend.

His eyes fluttered open, hazily taking in the area, as if awoken from a deep sleep. His legs were weak, nearly trembling still, and his breathing was ragged. Brownie was gently lapping his softening cock, cleaning him thoroughly.

Blondie was watching Brownie, her facial expression captivated. He couldn't tell if it was his cock she was so enthralled with, or if it was Brownie.

Maybe a little bit of both. He turned his head slightly to look at Lelia. She was still standing next to him, her eyes on his face, and their eyes met.

"Really, that was more than you deserve, but Nancy just can't help herself."

Lelia´s gaze held his, and the look in her eyes was predatory. She was turned on, no doubt about it, and she looked very determined. For a moment he wondered if he would be able to satisfy her, and if he didn't what would she do to him?

No doubt something really painful and humiliating.

He had averted his eyes from hers, but he couldn't help but to glance at her again. He swallowed hard.

Somehow he didn't think she would refrain from humiliating him even if he performed outstandingly well. She leered at him, the desire to hurt him clear in her eyes.

Brownie was softly stroking him. Her hands caressing his thighs, his hips and hard stomach. He had started getting another erection, but when looking into the hateful depths of Lelia´s eyes, it softened, shriveled and hung shyly against his thighs.

Soft, warm lips pressed against his stomach, just below his belly button. A warm, wet tongue darted out, tasted his salty skin, and tickled the sparse hairs trailing downwards.

He looked down, and saw Brownie on her knees in front of him. Her hands held his hips firmly, and her mouth travelled downwards, kissing its way to his groin.

Evidently he wasn't allowed to go limp, not even for a little while. He was already starting to grow, pressing against her chin as she looked up at him, her eyes gleaming. She still had traces of his semen in the corners of her mouth, little droplets glistening in the light of oil lamps that hung a few feet from the sides of the tent.

Lelia suddenly left his side. She walked over to the table. She didn't look his way as she stepped out of the loincloth, revealing a tight, firm ass.

She settled on the edge of the table, spread her legs and beckoned him to come to her. Her mound was covered in dark, curly hair, and the sparse lighting made it impossible for him to make out the details below the mound.

"Bring it here." She said, her gaze intensely fixed on his naked body. He felt no confusion about what it was she wanted. It was rather obvious.

Brownie let out a sigh, grabbed his swollen cock briefly before letting it go and getting up on her feet. The touch made him groan, no matter how brief, the feeling of her mouth on him still fresh on his mind.

Blondie and Brownie once again held him between them, taking a firm grip on his upper arms.

Personally, he would rather have played with them, and left Lelia out of it, but as it seemed he had very little control of the situation.

Reluctantly he let them guide him to her. As he stood in front of her, the two women pushed him down on his knees.

He was merely a foot away from the junction between Lelia´s legs. She spread them wide, revealing her very wet core.

Her lips were almost hairless; the curly hair covered the mound only, giving him a good look at her anatomy. The outer lips were parted, puffy, and he could see the little nub at the very top, protruding eagerly towards him. It did look kind of inviting, and by the look and smell of things, she was very clean.
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