Mistress starts to have fun with sub

"Stand up again," you commanded.

Although I had glimpsed you when you first pulled off the blindfold, my attention was drawn elsewhere by the fact that I was being watched and photographed by three strangers, and then by the spanking. I finally got a chance to really see you. All I could really see, though, were stockings from the knees down and heels. Everything else was covered by a light raincoat.

My interest was even more aroused by the fact that I had never seen your body anything less than fully clothed. While you had ordered me to send you all sorts of naked pictures, your only return was in pictures that could have been seen by anyone. Maybe a bit of cleavage, but nothing else. Even in the two beach pictures you sent me, you were wearing a skirt.

You perceived my interest and said, "I bet you want to see what's under this coat, don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress. Very much."

"Well, not yet, slave. First ..."

You turned around and reached up under the coat. A moment later, you were stepping out of your panties. You turned around and held them up to my face.

"Smell these, slave. Before I went and found those girls by the pool -- what a lucky break that was -- I was in the parking lot masturbating through these. I got them nice and wet. Would you like to taste them, slave?"

"Oh yes, Mistress!!" I said, licking my lips a little.

"Well, you can't! I don't think the spanking was enough punishment -- in fact, you seemed to rather enjoy that. So no panty-licking for you."

You tossed the panties on the bed -- I've never been jealous of a bed-sheet before. You told me to take another step back away from the bed, then handed me the blindfold again. You told me to put it on my head, but not over my eyes just yet, but to leave the main part on my forehead.

You walked over to the bag again, bent over, back to me, and opened it a bit wider. Still not to where I could see anything, though. You rummaged around a bit, then stood up again. You reached up and I could tell that you were untying the sash around the coat, then unbuttoning the buttons.

When the last button was undone, you ordered me back on my knees. I obeyed. You then opened the coat wide. If I was on the other side of you, I'd have a full view. Instead, it was just a mouth-watering tease.

"Are you ready, slave?"

"Oh yes, Mistress!" The anticipation was almost more than I could take. The moment that I'd been hoping for, for months, was mere seconds away.

"Then pull down the blindfold."

My face fell, but I obeyed. As the blindfold went back over my eyes, I heard your coat fall to the floor. I then heard you rummaging in the bag some more, then sounds I couldn't really identify. Then I heard you walk over and take a seat on the corner of the bed, facing me.

"Lean down and kiss your Mistress' feet, slave."

I bent down and reached out to find your feet, then began kissing your left foot. After about ten seconds, you said, "No, give me good kisses, not little pecks."

I began kissing more open-mouthed, even extending the tip of my tongue now and then. You purred appreciately, then pushed my head with your foot, directing me over to your right foot. I kissed your feet and shoes for quite some time; then you told me to slowly start moving up your legs. As I obeyed, I heard a squishy noise and realized that you were playing with yourself while I was kissing your shins.

The higher I got, the louder your moans got. About the time that I got up to your knees, your body started to tremble. I kissed more passionately and listened to you cumming. As you started to settle down, I leaned back a bit.

"Very good, slave. You should be rewarded. Open your mouth."

I obeyed and you put in my mouth the fingers that were in your pussy. I licked and sucked the juices off them greedily. Eventually, you withdrew your fingers from my mouth and told me to move closer to the bed, but remain kneeling.

When I was nearly between your legs, you took my head in your hands and started guiding it down toward your pussy. This was it! As incredible as your fingers had tasted, they just built up a longing inside me to taste your pussy directly. And here I was, about to reach that heaven. But then you stopped me when my head as about 6 inches from your pussy.

"Open your mouth wide, slave," you ordered. I did so, then felt your hands on the blindfold. While I wasn't sure of why you had me open my mouth like that, I got even more excited as I was not only going to get to eat your pussy, but see your body as well.

A moment later, you pulled off the blindfold. I must admit that I didn't look at your body right away. I was too distracted by two things: the strap-on that was right in front of my mouth and your command to start sucking it.
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