Saturday starts out as usual

Saturday starts out as usual with Lynn sipping her coffee, listening to music and me between her thighs, licking as instructed. This has been going for about twenty minutes when I hear a knock at the side door. I start to jump up and Lynn grabs a handful of my hair and says, "Stay right where you are my little pussy worshiper!" she hollers, "Come in."

I can't see who enters because Lynn has put her skirt over my head. Then I hear, "That is so cute, so he really does what you tell him!" It's Melanie's voice.

I am frozen in embarrassment as Lynn taps my head and says, "I didn't tell you to stop."

I continue worshiping Lynn's pussy as I hear Melanie get a cup of coffee and sit down next to us. The two start talking as if I wasn't there, much less with my face buried in wife's pussy. Every few minutes Lynn will instruct me to do something different with my tongue and then return to her conversation.

Melanie says excitedly, "I didn't believe you when you told me about this! How did you get him to do it? Did you catch him doing something wrong?" Melanie moves the skirt off my head and leans over to get a good look. I make eye contact and blush and quickly close my eyes. "Isn't he adorable blushing like that!"

"Yes he is such a lover. He said he wanted to be my sex toy whenever I wanted. It was a bit strange at first but when you have someone that wants to lick your pussy all the time, you should let them." They both laugh and I blush again.

"So he didn't do anything wrong?"

"He did... but that isn't how it started. He asked to be my toy, so I let him."

"So what did he do wrong?"

"I told you before, several weeks ago he admitted to being a Peeping Tom and spying on me. I didn't tell you that he was watching through the window the whole time we had the lingerie party at Kate's house."

Melanie looked startled, then said, "You bad little boy, someone should punish you."

"That is exactly why you're here. He said the other day that I should let my friends decide what to do to punish him. Kate will be here any minute and then we will decide what to do with my little pervert."

The talk about nothing in particular for a bit, then Melanie says, "I would love to have a toy like yours, where can I get one of my own?"

Lynn responded, "You can take mine for a test drive." Then to me she said, "Get over to Melanie's pussy and show her what a good boy you can be." I couldn't believe my ears. My wife just told me to eat the pussy of the woman I fantasize about most, other than Lynn that is. So I all to eagerly did as I was told.

Melanie removed her panties and held up a crooked finger coaxing me to her pussy, her legs spread before me. Her pussy is very neatly trimmed and I can see her clit just perceptibly poking from it's hood. I did as commanded and was in absolute heaven. The two women continued to talk as if I wasn't there and Lynn explained to her that I needed to be told exactly what to do or I would just dive in straight to her clit and it would be over too soon and that she needed to take control of me.

It was only a few minutes before Kate joined the group around the table and I was being passed around, keeping all three aroused. I couldn't believe this was really happening.

I soon begin to realize by the stilted conversation that this was planned well in advance by the three of them. The banter explaining my willingness to be Lynn's sex toy was for their amusement and my embarrassment.

My servicing each of them went on for some time and by now my tongue and mouth were aching to the point that I was so dry there was nothing to swallow, I doubted I could continue mush longer. How could I want something I love so much to stop. To my relief, Lynn had me get up and stand at her side. She began teasing my cock in any number of ways, a few strokes, Lightly scrape a fingernail up and down my shaft, push it with a finger and watch it sway back and forth, fondle my balls or just hold it like a handle in a subway car to steady herself letting my cock take the strain of her relaxed arm.

Then she had each of the other two play the same game with my cock. My 7 1/2 inches stood proud and my balls were aching from all the attention. While all this was going on Lynn was telling them what I would do for her in bed. She told them how she used her dildo on my ass and I was embarrassed. She told them how she banged my ass almost every night with her strap-on and I wanted to vanish from embarrassment. Then she told them that I will eat her pussy after I cum inside her. She went on to explain that it is usually her strongest orgasms when I suck her dry, and I was mortified that she would tell them everything and I turned a bright red from embarrassment.

Kate said she didn't believe her and Melanie joined in agreeing that Lynn must be lying or at the very least exaggerating. By now my cock had drooped from my humiliation. Lynn said she would prove it. She looked at my deflated cock and said that one of them needed to get me hard again. Melanie volunteered and pulled me to her side and started stroking my cock so tenderly and then took me into her mouth and swirled her tongue. The emotions flying around in my head were at odds with each other. Humiliation at being talked about as if I wasn't there, relief knowing I was going to be able to cum soon, disbelief as my cock disappeared down the throat of the object of many of my fantasies.

With a stiff cock once again, Lynn had me lye down on the floor in the living room and she impaled herself on my cock and started a slow pumping action up and down. She told Kate to straddle my face and get herself off, she had Melanie pinching and biting my nipples. I could tell that the pair above me were kissing and exploring each other's bodies, as I had reached up to get one of my wife's tits in each hand but Kate's hands were already there. I came within seconds from all the stimulation of the morning.

Lynn raised up off my deflating cock and squatted over my face with an inch or two between her pussy and my mouth, as our mixed cum drizzled into my waiting mouth, for my tormentors to see, they both gave approving 'ooh' sounds.

I looked up to see Kate sucking on Lynn's tits. Melanie started to suck on my cum covered cock. It took some doing on her part but I was getting hard again. I moved around so I was propped against the front of the couch so I could see better what Mel was doing to my cock and what was happening with Lynn and Kate.

Looking down in my lap was Melanie deep throating my gradually stiffening cock and I was still in disbelief watching this beautiful woman swallow my rod.

Directly in front of me was Lynn, propped against a chair with Kate between her legs eating what if any was left of my load. Lynn looked up at me with a great big smile, winked and blew me a kiss and then mouthed 'I love you.' Punishment hell, she knew I would love ever second of this. This was Christmas and Birthday presents all rolled into one for the next ten years as far as I was concerned.

With each movement of either head, the one at Lynn's pussy or the one on my cock, I grew closer and closer to cumming again. Melanie gradually increased her actions on my cock as I grew harder, she intensified her movements.

Lynn said to me, "Mel wants you to cum inside her, do it for me lover. When you finish I want you to suck it all back out. She thinks that is the hottest thing she has ever heard and I want to watch you do it!"

All to happy to comply with this request, I did as I was told. Mel was posting up and down on my cock, her nails digging into the flesh on my chest while I played with her nipples. In short order she threw her head back and let out an animal sound that seemed to come all the way from her toes. It was so hot to hear her groans of pure lust that I exploded, I held her hips tight into mine as I erupted several times deep inside her, jerking and groaning to match her.

Melanie took a deep breath and leaned down and gave me one of the most passionate kisses I have ever had. My heart doubled it's beat. 'Lynn made this happen just for me.' I thought. Well, maybe for the both of us.

Mel pushed me to the side onto my back and moved her pussy to my face. "You know what I want next lover." She didn't hesitate at all and started grinding her pussy into my face like a mill stone grinding wheat. Someone was sucking on my cock and I tried to see, Mel sat down harder clamping my head between her thighs to hold me down. My face was totally covered by her and she started to grind from my chin to my forehead. I had a hard time making contact with her clit she was moving so fast, but I think my whole face was getting the job done. Relief came in part because when she moved up my face I could take a breath. Mel finally came with another animal sound and slumped in place over me. I just licked slowly the way Lynn likes me to, just after she cums. Little purring sounds were coming from Melanie until she got up and walked out of the room.

By this point my cock had been abandoned and I looked around to see what was happening with the other two. Lynn and Kate were sitting in the two recliners sipping wine and looking at me, nodding approvingly. I felt proud of myself.

Later in the afternoon when the two ladies had gone home, Lynn asked me what I thought and how I felt. She admitted that most of the day was planned well in advance and she especially worked things out with Melanie, knowing full well my fantasies about her, so she wanted to make sure her friend was part of her plan. I had plenty of time to think about it already so there wasn't much indecision on my part.

I told her about all the emotions I had gone through. Humiliation at being talked about as if I wasn't there, just an object, which is what I desired mostly and I had asked for. Embarrassment at having my secrets exposed, exhilaration at being able to please them, frustration not being able to cum for so long, excitement that it was really happening and apprehension.

"What do you mean apprehension?"

"I love you very much, I would never cheat on you. When you have a stiff prick, most inhibitions or even reasoning are lost. After I fucked Melanie I felt like I had betrayed you. My hard-on is gone now and I worry how this will effect us, now that they have gone home. I think that worries me the most, how will you feel tomorrow when you think back on all of what we did today?"

"I thought about that for weeks before I approached them. Your smart ass comment about having them decide how you should be punished got me so excited my pussy was wet for days and it got me thinking. I talked to Kate first, she was a bit ticked off about the peeping thing but then she was OK with it. She likes you and understood how your spying got started with her phone call to you. Then she got so excited I thought she would cum just talking about what we could or would do to you. Melanie went through a similar roller-coaster as Kate, she was excited but had some of the same concerns that you have. I told her a very long time ago that you have the hots for her and fantasize about her quit often. I even told her that I pretend to be her once in a while in our role playing games. It's mutual you know. She has fantasies about you too, and she tells me all about it." she said staring deep into my eyes.

Lynn's face slowly grew into the biggest smile and she licked her lips to further send the point home.

"Mel was excited about making today happen but wanted to be real sure it wouldn't ruin our friendship. They are both good friends... well... real good friends..." At this point she put her first two fingers up like a reversed peace sign and flicked her tongue between them and laughed. "You know we feel a bit different about each other. I know we are OK, we love each other and I don't think you want to run off with someone else just because you think they are hot as hell and just had your brains fucked out by them. It wasn't punishment the way you thought it was going to be. I knew the real punishment would be in your head afterwards, and exactly what you are going through right now. The devil in me knew you would feel like this and I looked forward to ever second of your punishment. There will be more to come, or should I say cum." Another wink at me. "An unpaid penance is a terrible thing to have hanging over your head."

We talked about this off and on most of the day. We were reassuring each other that our feelings hadn't and wouldn't change. I was about to drift off to sleep when Lynn said, "Kate called after dinner and said she was disappointed you didn't give her a creampie and then eat it all up like you did for Melanie and me... Maybe she can have her turn next time."

My cock sprang to full attention and Lynn laughed. She slowly stroked my cock and whispered, "My poor baby, I might have to think about your punishment a bit harder." She pushed aside the covers and gave me the greatest blow job ever. She kept the cum all to herself for the first time in over a month. Something was changing and I drifted off wondering what was next.

To be continued...
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