Lilly pays more penance to her wicked mistress

Lady Ashwood turned to Smith as he watched his Lilly kneeling before the Lady's spread thighs, "Get out of here... the girl stays with me... and tell nobody of this," she dismissively said with a cruel intonation.

"Lilly for your transgressions, you will stay with me a bit more..... Now, lick my cunt... lick it good, lick it slow...."

The words resonated in Lilly's ears and shook her core as she watched the Lady flex her wet and sodden sex, pushing out the viscous pearl droplets of Smith's seed. The humiliation was bad enough, but now she was compelled to have at a woman's most private parts in an act of self preservation. Unfortunately, she had no choice and the Lady knew it. Begrudgingly, Lilly attended to the Lady's demands and engaged in the slow painful act of paying her penance.

"Yes Lilly, you may yet become good at this yet... but you need much more training, much more..." the Lady quipped as Lilly completed her task and sat up.

"Think you are finished? Don't be so quick to assume... nobody has given me release. It is all up to you. Finish the task," the Lady demanded, "... I think you know what I like..." she said grabbing Lilly by the back of her head and pushing her head down.

"That's it, use those quivering young soft lips and tongue, lick me good... both holes," the Lady cooed as she pulled her knees back offering access.

For her part, Lilly knew what was expected and inserted a long finger in the Lady's arse as she ate of the wicked woman's sex until her mistress's thighs began to quiver, voice quaked and her juices flowed. The Lady suddenly reached behind the girl's head and pushed her against the wet convulsing sex and rutted on Lilly's youthful face, suffocating the young woman as she crested into a long awaited climax. When it was all over Lilly knelt, her head bowed down in dejection and humility and submission.

The Lady leaned back on the couch and peered down at Lilly. "For a first time, that was not bad.... Now, we need to come to an understanding. First, I own you, whether you like it or not, you are mine, and will do as instructed without question until you are forgiven for your transgressions. Second, you will tell nobody of our arrangement. Third, a new uniform, one I believe you will prefer, will be delivered to your room tomorrow morning at 6:30 sharp. You will hereafter wear it. Fourth, at 11:00 tomorrow morning you will be at the castle steps to meet the car. We have business to attend. Do not keep me waiting.... Oh, and one more thing, no matter how bad things might be, you will always have a perky smile on your ever eager to please face, understand??"

"Yes, Mame," Lilly replied.

"Now, get out of here and don't let me hear from you until tomorrow."

"Yes, Mame," Lilly replied as she rose, relieved her evening was finally finished.

Lilly launched down the hallway to the nearest restroom, quick to wash her hands and face of the Lady's odor before anyone could find her. She looked in the mirror above the sink and felt a sudden and inexplicable feelings of conflict- new found contempt gnashed against long time admiration. Lilly had absolutely no interest in women. She had adored the Lady before her wicked treatment- a silent student to an unknowing mentor. Now she felt conflicted. She wanted it all to be a bad dream. However, as she pondered the events, she began to realize that it was the stern control the Lady had exercised over her was also triggering an unanticipated arousal. And perhaps, just perhaps, because it was the Lady, subliminally she was willing to write off the night as a one time exception, maybe even harbor a strand of forgiveness and embrace the strand of lust.

Confused, Lilly slipped down the hall and thankfully found her roommate fast asleep. Able to avoid any questions, slipped into her bed and pondered what the Lady had in store for her as after her transgression and punishment. She thought her future treatment would be lower than that of a commoner as she drifted off for the night.

The morning came quick with an early knock on the door and the new uniform delivered as promised. Lilly sprang from her bed to retrieve it wondering how she would explain her attire to the other working girls. And, she had some explaining to do for the uniform was anything but a uniform, it was a real garment, a proper lady's Parisian business suit- a pencil skirt and jacket, silk blouse, proper heels and silk hose, and a make up kit. Then she found the note attached to the jacket:

"Dress like a lady and carry yourself like one too. It is in my best interest and yours, and your one chance at redemption. You must trust me. Lady Ashwood."

Lilly shook her head and quietly donned the expensive garments, putting up her hair, applying make up she had never worn before, careful to look her best, just as directed, like a proper lady, and after a morning of inquisitive looks from the other girls, whispers and murmurings behind her back, she appeared at the steps as directed in a timely manner a confident and eager smile on her face. In the circular driveway sat the silver gray antique Rolls with Smith donned in driver's attire, attentively waiting for his passengers. On seeing Lilly he opened the back door without acknowledgment in a chauffeur like manner. Lilly unexpectedly found the Lady waiting for her within, nestled on the plush red leather seat, a pleasant smile on her face. Smith took to the front seat and awaited directions.

"Smith, take us to the Millwood estate, but take Derby Crossing, I prefer that road. It is more scenic," the Lady said as she rolled up the carriage window, separating driver from passengers for privacy.

"You look good in that outfit. I trust you will serve the office well."

Lilly looked at her quizzically.

"I am promoting you.... and Smith. He is now my chauffeur in addition to his existing duties. You my dear are now my personal secretary. That means you no longer are a servant. Your duties include managing my daily affairs, my social schedule and tending to anything else I need twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Naturally, the position comes with a substantial raise. I trust you will exercise the responsibilities of the office with great discretion and trust. There are things you may learn which are confidential and cannot be shared with the staff and others. You will need to disassociate yourself from the general staff because you may be called upon to make staffing decisions and perhaps fire them as may be needed. To properly discharge that duty, they cannot be your friends. To that end, starting tonight, you will have your own living quarters and will dine apart from them. I trust you will not abuse your office and authority and will exercise any powers given with discretion and equanimity understanding your loyalty is to me first and only. This is a phenomenal opportunity I am giving you. And we both know you cannot afford to lose it. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mame," Lilly respectfully replied.

"Any questions?"

"But one, Mame."

"Go on," the Lady assured.

"I thought you had a secretary."

"I did. You remember Mary Elizabeth? We had a falling out. She started with such promise then fell from my grace. You see, she fancied Lord Ashwood and we found ourselves in a bit of a love triangle." Lilly gasped.

"Yes, it is true. You did not even have a clue, did you? Well, Lord Ashwood demanded it happen. I demanded that if we were going to do it, she would never let Lord Ashwood take her. But, she fancied Lord Ashwood, in a rather unacceptable way. She tried to carry his child. I would have none of that, lineage being sacrosanct. I sent the little minx off to work for the older widow Millwood. She now serves the widow. Tends to her every need. I am told she does it very well.... albeit sometimes begrudgingly," she said her voice trialing off, a deviant smirk on her face.

Lilly looked out the window astounded by the story and the Lady's openness. Even more so she was shocked by her friend's deviance, a friend who she thought would never engage in such things. And there she sat, the car careening towards the Millwood estate, having just been given Mary Elizabeth's old job and a possible meeting with Mary Elizabeth. Mary Elizabeth would certainly know from her dress alone. Why come to think of it, it was similar to one Mary Elizabeth once wore. Then her stomach knotted as she wondered how could she look at Mary Elizabeth and what she could say. Could there be another untold side to the story? She wondered.

They drove for a good twenty minutes. "Smith, pull over here for a moment," the Lady said breaking Lilly's train of thought. The car pulled to the side of the two lane road into a wide strip of grass buffering the road from the woods, a farm field on the other side of the road, nothing else around and very little traffic.

"This looks like a nice place to stop. Do you agree?" the Lady asked Lilly.

"Stop for what?" Lilly asked.

"Oh, you will see. Smith, there is a blanket in the trunk of the car. Please get it and place it aside the car in the grass on the off road side."

Lilly wondered if they were stopping to picnic. Smith did as told and opened the door for the Lady, who got out and came around the car to Lilly's side. Smith opened the door, "Get out Lilly. Smith, please stand on the street side of the car and watch for cars. If they stop tell them all is well and to move on," the Lady said.

Lilly's mind began to run wild with fear as she stepped out and faced the Lady. the warm autumn air blew across her body as she waited.

"It is time to pay your penance, again, and I have a sudden need. Get on your knees," the Lady demanded. Lilly acceded to her request- a sudden knot tightening in her stomach- and Lily knelt on the blanket as the Lady leaned back against the car and lifted her skirt, revealing her naked Mons.

"Well, don't just stare at it..." the Lady admonished, "... you know what I want. Now get on it."

Lilly protested, "But Mame..."

The Lady sternly replied, ", do it, and with a smile...."

Lilly raised herself to the Lady's sex and began the slow and delicate process of teasing her open with her mouth, gently kissing her hips and thighs, working her way around the sex and then licking at the hairy furrow. The Lady responded, placing her hand on the back of Lilly's head and gently pressing into her face as her juices began to flow.

A car stopped. Lilly froze in terror, her heart pounded with fear they would get out and find her compromised.

"Keep at it Lilly," the Lady softly directed.

Then she heard Smith, reliable Smith say, "All is well here, Sir. Thanks for stopping.... Yes, yes. My Lady is just taking in the scenery and enjoying the good weather. Have a good day Sir.... Thanks again, Sir." For Lilly, the moment seemed to last forever as she administered to the Lady.

The Lady's hips began to gently gyrate and Lilly latched on, softly suckling the tender lips, teasing and coaxing the slick bud, seeking to please her wicked mistress.

"Yes," the Lady cooed between gasps as she grabbed Lilly by the back of the head and ground into her face, her fragrant juices smearing her youthful skin as the Lady bucked and wretched her hips fighting the impending release until she arched her back, groaned and ultimately shuddered aloud before slumping back against the car door in exhaustion.

Lilly knelt and looked down waiting for instructions. The Lady climbed back into the car, "Get in," she said, "Now that we have that out of the way, let us get on with our business. Smith drive. Here Lilly, clean yourself up," she said handing the girl a hanker chief.

"Mame, this will not properly cleanse me," she said, "and we are going to Lady Milwood's... the smell, it will linger..."

"Yes it will," the Lady replied, "and you do not like it? Hmmm.... I wonder why?.... I am told Mary Elizabeth will be there to greet us.... Won't it be nice to see her again?" the Lady asked a pleasant but wicked smile on her face, "Not another word for now," the Lady quipped as she hiked up her dress, "pay some more penance until we get there. I like the tip of your tongue..." Lilly did as instructed, gently lapping the Lady's sex, teasing and coaxing out her the juices as she softly moaned at Lilly's teasing touch.

As the car pulled up the long driveway to the front door, it swung open and Mary Elizabeth stood in the archway to greet them. Smith opened the car door and the Lady emerged. As she approached, Mary Elizabeth bowed her head and curtsied. The Lady smugly walked by without acknowledging her. As the Lady disappeared from earshot, Lilly came next. Mary Elizabeth instantly noticed her attire. She held out her arms happy to see her and without warning gave Lilly a warm close hug. She pressed into her friend and whispered in her ear, "I must be brief, she might notice us talking. She has her claws into you, doesn't she? The secretary's dress and I know the smell of that pussy. Licked it many a times. Bet she claims I was snookering Lord Ashwood. I was, and then she insisted on joining us- jealous controlling bitch! Ruined our fun. You need to find a way to gain leverage before she finds displeasure with you, sends you to a place like this to service some old maid. Do whatever it takes...."

Mary Elizabeth drew back and put a fake smile on her face, "So good to see you. Come, tea is being served in the garden."

(To be continued...)
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